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Putin didn’t do it: Hillary’s McCarthyism falls flat on the Western establishment

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On Tuesday when America goes to the polls, they will see one of the options in the Presidential race as a Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine, ticket. However, it really ought to read, ‘George Bush/Joseph McCarthy’.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has degenerated into a scare mongering circus whereby Russian agents are accused of infiltrating America, the Russian military accused of making preparations to take over the world and the Russian leader is a diabolical madman whose personal reach exceeds that of a giant mythical octopus.

In reality it is the American government whose officials have openly threatened cyber-war with Russia and have pushed the planet to the brink of world war in Syria. It is Hillary Clinton who acts diabolically. It is she, not Russia that destroyed Libya and it is her acolytes in the US State Department which destroyed Ukraine and are destroying Yemen.

But there is a silver lining. Joseph McCarthy, in trying to scare America into thinking there was a ‘communist plot’, ended his career discredited, mocked and shamed both personally and professionally.

The man whom many were at first frightened to oppose for fears of being outed as a red traitor, ended his career shortly after being officially condemned by a vote of the US Senate in 1954. The establishment turned against him.  He was not brought down by a Soviet plot, he was brought down by honest Americans who had enough of his bullshit.

In 1957, he died at the age of 48 from conditions related to alcoholism.

In the years decades following his ignominious death, McCarthyism became a byword, not just in America but globally, for scaremongering. If one sought a kind of latter-day medieval style witch-hunt, one could be accused of promulgating ‘McCarthyism’. Even amongst strident anti-Communists in America, the hunt for ‘reds’  became a subject of mockery amongst mainstream politicians of both parties as well as respected authors, politically minded musicians like Bob Dylan and mainstream comedians.

By trying to repeat McCarthy’s tactics this time against Russia itself rather than Soviet Communist agents, Hillary Clinton has borrowed a page from McCarthy’s failed playbook. Before deciding to ape one’s tactics, one ought to read the story till the end. It seems that Hillary Clinton and her goons forgot to read the part where McCarthy died a discredited disgrace, a kind of monster turned into a joke.

For months, new media have said explicitly that the ‘Putin Did It’ line is racism disguised as farce. There is no truth to it and never has been. Now that the US political and intelligence establishment are in open civil war and the FBI have publicly stated that Putin and Russia have nothing to do with the leaked emails.

Former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan and long-time Foreign Office emissary, Craig Murray has publicly rubbished the idea that Russia has any connection to Wikileaks and to hacking in general. Julian Assange has told respected journalist John Pilger that his sources have never once come from Russia.

People from within the western establishment are doing to Hillary Clinton what they did to Joseph McCarthy, they are telling her ‘enough is enough’ and they are implying that like McCarthy, her Russian conspiracy theories are becoming an embarrassment to the west.

The public have frankly never bought the ‘Putin Did It’ line. Trump speaks to Americans about things they actually do care about. The threat of globalism to wages, living standards and employment, fears about the kind of illegal immigrants coming to a country gripped by the fear or terrorism and crime (rightly or hyperbolic as it may be) and the very real threat of ISIS making global gains.

This leads onto the other great inspiration behind Hillary Clinton’s campaign, George W. Bush. Whilst Obama initially campaigned on a programme that sought to work with Arab leaders rather than violently depose them, Hillary Clinton made sure to sway this policy back to the course of Obama’s predecessor.

Now, Hillary Clinton is saying about President Assad much what Bush said about Saddam. If many current voters in America were not born when Senator McCarthy was conducting his hunt for Communists, they will have been born when George Bush said Saddam was a threat to America.

Anyone with a small mind and a medium sized television now knows that terrorism came to Iraq only  after Saddam’s removal from power. Even those with no knowledge of Iraqi history or geo-political affairs, now know that Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction. He threatened no foreign power, least of all America or Britain.

People are increasingly aware that it is not secular Arab states which threaten world peace but that it is the Wahhabists terrorists who themselves are fighting secular Arab states who threaten the world. Trump gets this and Hillary Clinton does not. Given her connections to the Saudi deep state, this oughtn’t to be a surprise to anyone.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been built on two failed legacies and no one, not even the western establishment seems to be buying it any more.

They are well aware that Putin DIDN’T do it. They are far more curious about what Hillary Clinton herself has done.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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