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Deep state spy, Stefan Halper, a key player in the UK Russiagate hoax (Video)

The Duran Quick Take: Episode 545.

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The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss how FBI Stefan Halper’s lies launched the FBI Flynn Investigation, and destroyed the lives of so many people including a UK academic.

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Via Zerohedge…

For those who haven’t been paying attention, recently unsealed materials in the case against former Trump National Security Advisor Mike Flynn all but prove that the FBI set him up with a perjury trap (a ‘squeeze’ which even Bloomberg‘s Eli Lake says ‘undermines the rule of law’).

And as the case against Flynn continues to unravel, perhaps the most important dots have been connected by investigative researcher @JohnWHuber, better known as “Undercover Huber” on Twitter, who makes a cogent argument that Stefan Halper – the portly spy who the FBI used to conduct espionage on the Trump campaign during the 2016 US election – may have sparked the Flynn investigation after lying to the FBI.

What’s more, IG Michael Horowitz’s report makes no mention of the lie, or the recently-learned fact that the FBI tried to close the Flynn case, dubbed ‘Crossfire Razor’, in Jan. 2017, only for agent Peter Strzok to go ‘off the rails‘ and demand it not be closed.

Thread by Undercover Huber

Continued (emphasis ours):

  • According to the IG, Stefan Halper (referred to as “Source 2”) met with the Crossfire Hurricane team twice (in Aug 11 and 12, 2016) and told them “he had been previously acquainted with @GenFlynn”. *This was immediately before the FBI opened a case on Flynn on Aug 15, 2016*
  • The IG report is silent on anything Source 2 might have said specifically about Flynn. It’s also silent on the fact the Washington Field Office of the FBI tried to close the Flynn case on 01/04/2017. Both are going to be important in a second.
  • We now know from the FBI’s draft “Electronic Communication” dated 01/04/2017 (trying to close the Flynn CI case, stopped by Strzok at the direction of Comey, McCabe or both) confirms the “CH” team “contacted an established FBI CHS to query about” Gen Flynn & held a “debriefing”
  • Except that story is a *lie*. Halper wasn’t at that event. He witnessed nothing, because he wasn’t there. And the cab ride almost certainly didn’t happen either, because @RealSLokhova says she was picked up from the event by her Husband. And she’s willing to say that under oath.
  • There are multiple pictures of that Cambridge Seminar event (attended by about 20 people). Flynn was there, as was Richard Dearlove (former head of MI6), and Christopher Andrew (then mentor of @RealSLokhova and “unofficial” historian of MI5). But Halper wasn’t. Not in any photos
  • Halper’s lawyers never challenged that statement. Even when the federal Judge dismissed @RealSLokhova’s case (for other reasons), he did not challenge that claim, only saying that “even assuming it was false” that Halper “attended” the dinner, it wasn’t defamatory to claim he did
  • And the FBI trying to close the case on Flynn is great evidence Halper’s “attendance” at this event so he could see this suspicious cab ride is false. The FBI never tried to interview @RealSLokhova, or anyone at the dinner. Why? Because it would have proven their own source lied.
  • FYI, WaPo, WSJ and NYT have all published stories claiming that Halper attended that Feb 2014 event. None have any evidence that’s true. All the stories are anonymously sourced to Halper or Halper’s buddies. There never will be any evidence Halper was there, because he wasn’t.
  • So when Halper told the FBI that he was “previously acquainted” with Flynn, and “witnessed” this suspicious cab ride, HE WAS LYING TO THE FBI. And at the time, he was a paid Confidential Human Source – the only one cited in the @carterwpage
    FISA, other than Steele.That’s big.
  • But what’s arguably bigger is WHEN Halper told this lie about Flynn. When else could Halper claimed to have been “acquainted” with Flynn if not this Feb 2014 dinner (the only time Flynn attended the Cambridge seminar Halper helped organize)?
  • Now, maybe Halper told the FBI about the dinner after the CI case was opened. But that’s NOT in the IG report, despite Halper’s other meetings with the FBI being in there. In fact the IG report says nothing about Halper and Flynn, other than what I quoted
  • In addition, FBI’s Jan 4, 2017 draft Closing EC doesn’t say when this “debriefing” with Halper happened  either. The wording sort of implies it was after the case was opened, but never says itSo it is possible that a lie from Halper actually triggered opening the case on Flynn?
  • What else did the FBI have? Their own laughable “predicate” appears to be that Flynn worked for Trump, attended an RT dinner (at the time, @RepAdamSchiff
    had previously appeared on RT!), and was “linked” to Russians (Er, he was the former head of DIA under “Russian reset” Obama)
  • Ah, but all of those things were already true between Aug 1 and Aug 10, 2016, which is when the FBI opened cases on Page, Papadopoulos and Manafort – BUT NOT FLYNN. That didn’t happen until Aug 15. He’s the odd one out.
  • Flynn obviously already worked for Trump. He already had these “links”, and he’d already attended the RT dinner long ago. The thin gruel of Russian “links” and working for Trump was enough to open cases on all the others, but NOT Flynn.
  • But what did the FBI have extra before they opened the case? Stefan Halper telling them about being “previously acquainted” with Flynn – which almost certainly refers to that Feb 2014 Cambridge dinner, where he was never “acquainted” with Flynn at all.
  • Oh, & even if Halper told this lie *after* the case was opened on Flynn, the FBI mustn’t have found it credible because they never tried to properly investigate it, and then even tried to close the case anyway. So that means at best the lie came between Aug 15, 2016 & Jan 4, 2017
  • What else was happening between Aug 16 & Jan 17? Oh yeah, the FBI was using a person they should have suspected of lying to dirty people up – Halper – as a CHS wearing a wire on @carterwpage, @GeorgePapa19 and others, AND relying on Halper as “Source #2” in the FISA warrant apps
  • Then, incredibly after their own source lies to them about Flynn to dirty him up, the FBI have the audacity to charge Flynn with lying to them! Corrupt dirty cops isn’t an adequate description. And for all we know, Halper is STILL on Wray’s FBI books as a paid confidential source
  • Finally, IG Horowitz blew this line of inquiry, and didn’t mention anything about the FBI trying to close the case on Flynn in Jan 2017. Horowitz also admitted hasn’t seen any evidence that any of Halper’s information was ever corroborated during his entire time as an FBI source
  • Durham can do what the IG didn’t, and solve this mystery quite easily with a few interviews and record checks.Or, the DOJ/USG can keep Halper on his retainer and ignore this. Either way, we’ll know what’s up/ENDS


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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Olivia Kroth
May 7, 2020

The Russia hoax seems to be a never ending story, a very nasty serial.

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