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COMRADE Deblasio BANNED From Thousands Of NYC Restaurants Along With Cuomo! Democrats REJECTED!!

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Facebook Fart Checker
Facebook Fart Checker
December 26, 2020

I had no idea thousands of NYC restaurants were still open. Probably fake news.

The Corn Pone Blues
The Corn Pone Blues
Reply to  Facebook Fart Checker
December 26, 2020

It’s chicken gizzards and mustard greens for the Bla_man.

December 26, 2020

How can local governments afford to enforce lock downs when they have no tax income because of the closed businesses?

John Ellis
December 27, 2020

Jimmy Dore Show is for progressives, as it supports the Squad using their leverage to force Nancy Pelosi to bring Medicare For All up for a vote on the House floor. Nancy needs the Squad to vote for her, if she is to be House Speaker.

On the other hand, The Young Turks are liberals, as they say the squad should not use their leverage on Nancy. For a liberal is a fake-progressive.

And so, DURAND, where do you stand?

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