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Afghanistan rocked by ISIS suicide strike, Biden hides [Video]

The most tragically astounding feature is how fast all of this has unraveled.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

The Kabul International Airport was hit and hit hard by what is being reported as an attack by ISIS suicide bombers on Thursday evening, Afghanistani time.

ISIS-K, the “K” standing for “Khorasan” is a branch of the Islamic State people that were rampaging across Iraq and Syria a few years ago. Oddly enough, the Taliban have no love for these people. Fox News is reporting this as a legitimate ISIS attack; honestly, the timing of it is suspicious. Suspicious or no, however, the evil that was played out in this attack took at least thirteen lives at the present count, and put even more pressure on the fading Biden Administration in the United States to account for and deal with this problem.

It does not appear likely that Imposter Joe will do anything about this. Faced with an August 31 deadline that the Taliban will not move for the American Imposter Puppet, the United States stands basically with its thumb… somewhere.

The implosion of this situation is simply astounding. Our prayers are with those who are injured, those who lost their lives, and with all of their loved ones and families.

The situation is so bad that even Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA), the most consummate anti-Trump liar that irritated so many of us during President Trump’s (first) term, actually is on record for having spoken the truth about the threat analysis in Afghanistan.

Presented below is a video from “Liberal Hivemind” which shows the comments Rep. Schiff made not 24 hours before the airport attack. He nailed it. What is more, without expressly saying “Biden is a liar”, the California uber-liberal contradicts Imposter Biden’s narrative very simply with facts and sound analysis.

Politically, this is a mess, with all the rats in both parties scrambling for survival. Oddly enough, for some of these people to survive, they have to tell the truth, and they are.

It is not really in good taste to get into political analysis of such a tragedy, but it is necessary to understand that what is happening here really is symptomatic of a major change in the world, as globalism, US style, is on its way out. Afghanistan slammed the door shut on it. The United States simply cannot, and I would opine, it does not have the desire or heart to turn around and go back into Afghanistan again. To do so would be even more unpopular than what is going on now. While anything is possible, the odds would appear to be highly against this sort of move.

But what America needs to do is pay attention to herself. US foreign policy does not work because so much that is going on in the country’s domestic situation is a mess. How can a country that has nightly riots in its cities over mythical race issues that do not really exist, or people so psychologically damaged they do not know if they are boys or girls, or even worse, think it is okay to impose a different sexual identity upon someone at will…

How can a nation which rejects the Author of Liberty as it once understood it (God), carry liberty to anybody else?

What has the US really got to offer the world? Not a whole lot, other than computers and cars. Culture? Nope. The nations elsewhere in the world other than Europe are getting back to culture, language and tradition, whatever these may be. Wokeism is such a psychological aberration that no healthy culture wants it and no healthy culture would possibly accept it.

An earlier piece I wrote noted that at the center of all this failure in the United States is the country’s rejection of the God who it once held to be the Giver of all good things – life, liberty and the ability to pursue one’s dreams. With that gone, we only offer adolescent teenager ideas of “freedom” – the ability to do whatever one wants without facing any consequences.

Those that hold traditional views of any kind – be they Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Jewish – all of these people know that wokeism and complete personal autonomy are insanity on a plate. Nobody wants this nonsense. It is not America’s next attractive product. It is disgusting, and humiliating and the world has begun to laugh at the United States, and it should.

Now, our country still has a huge number of very good people – honest, hardworking, faithful to the Lord and so on. But when “social progress” is the lede coming out of the USA, who would know that about us? We show the world stuff that is contemptible and then expect to be respected?

All of this shows us that it is time to repent. It is time to go home, tend to our own nation and fix ourselves and get our nation back in order. Only when our house is in order do we stand even a chance of having something to offer that anybody in the world would actually want.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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