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The Clinton Cult: The Sick and Twisted World of ‘Spirit Cooking’

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Infowars recently brought public attitude to a story originally broken by Wikileaks. Put simply, John Podesta Tony Podesta (John’s brother) and one of Hillary Clinton’s friends, a woman called Marina Abramović, engage in perverse, satanic rituals called ‘Spirit Cooking’.

Before going into the disgusting details, it is important to first of all ask some fundamental questions. Would you want a nuclear superpower run by individuals who find occultism entertaining? Would you trust the sound leadership of people fixated by superstition and no, I’m not talking about innocent folkloric superstitions like not conversing in a doorway, or drinking off the edge of a bar if unmarried. I’m talking about Hillary Clinton’s mad attempts to ‘channel the dead’ from inside the White House and the Podesta brothers penchant for going to ‘spirit cooking’ evenings with Maria Abramović. Does this strike one as normal let along dignified?

Leaders, their confidants and advisors must be of sound mind, cool under pressure, assured in their beliefs and rational in their decision making processes. If one can agree on these basic tenets of leadership, than I would simply ask if the following scenario describes individuals who meet this criteria?

Marina Abramović is a best described as a talentless ‘artist’ whose exhibitions include creating works with blood, urine, semen and breast milk. The symbolism is overtly satanic and highly crude. Thanks to Wikileaks we know that Abramović isn’t just ‘in it for the money’, she takes her ‘show’ home with her and invites the Podesta brothers along for the ride.

Apart from accusations we now know to be false and which have always been denied by Trump with a promise to pursue legal actions against false accusers, Trump is a man whose known vices include too much fast food and too much golf. That’s about it.

By contrast no one in the Hillary Clinton campaign have denied rumours about involvement in ‘spirit cooking’ evenings. Now of course, The Guardian, have run with a piece attempting to do damage control on the ‘spirit cooking’ scandal. The Guardian released a statement by Abramović, saying that the whole thing had been ‘taken out of context’, though she nor anyone else can explain just how. Myself and others would be happy to hear an actual explanation for this bizarre and disturbing behaviour, but none seem forthcoming.

This contrasts sharply with Donald Trump who apologised for saying ‘pussy’ in a childish context. Frankly, I’ve heard many men speak in ways that Trump once did, though I have to say I have never attended any event where Devil worshippers conjure some weird spirit thing using blood, urine and semen. Frankly if I ever encountered such things, hearing some silly drunk bloke in a pub talk about ‘pussy’ would be something of a relief.

Not only do these activities point to the fact that Team Clinton are not sound individuals, it points moreover to the fact that they are totally out of touch with ordinary people and with any sense of normality.

A dinner typically involves normal overcook food, normal drinks (although often times the quality of wine, vodka or whisky leaves much to be desired)  and occasionally people thinking they can sing and dance when they ought to be prohibited from doing either, by treaty if necessary. It also occasionally involves banal political conversation from holier than though idiots who think watching CNN makes them clever or mean spirited sarcastic quips about who ought to lose weight and whose shoes are ugly. Little else of interest generally happens and if you find any of the aforementioned activities amusing;  congratulations, you have a higher boredom threshold than I, Gunga Din.

The Clinton brigade  are out of touch with reality and yet they want to be able to touch the little red button?

Give me a break!


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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