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POLL: Does anyone actually like Hillary Clinton?

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Throughout this US election season (which lasts several years), many have been asking, ‘who likes Donald Trump’. Broadly speaking, the following people like Donald Trump: traditional Robert Taft style anti-war conservatives, anti-war people of all ideologies who realise he’s the only broadly anti-war candidate who stands a chance of winning, disaffected left-wing voters who are upset at the effects of globalism and free trade on wages and employment, those who want tougher immigration into America, those who favour robust law and order, those who want a simplified tax code but not a neo-liberal one either, those who are upset about Obama care, those fed up of America being an international and at times domestic laughing stock.

As for who explicitly does not like Donald Trump, The Duran’s Nedka Babliku summed it up nicely.

But who likes Hillary Clinton? Does anybody actually like her? I don’t mean personally, even though it seems she rules more through fear and intimidation than through commanding respect lest affection.

It seems that many people who are voting for Hillary Clinton are doing so because they don’t like Donald Trump. This shouldn’t be surprising. She’s as inspiring as a broken umbrella in a hurricane, she’s as exciting as a dead monk, she’s less honest than even her husband, she’s more opportunistic than a prisoner with keys to his own cell (not that Hillary would know about that), her corruption cannot be denied by anyone other than those who are afraid of the truth and she’s more pro-war than any US presidential candidate in recent memory. She makes Ronald Reagan look like John Lennon.

So my sincere question is, does anyone actually like Hillary Clinton? This is an entirely different concept to having a complete loathing of Donald Trump. Indeed, some Hillary Clinton supporters admit that if Donald Trump were standing against a ticket of Satan with the running made of Eva Braun, they’d hold their nose and cast their vote for the Devil. Now silly as this is, I’d at least respect the honesty of people who admit that by voting for Hillary Clinton, they are merely voting against Donald Trump and nothing more.

I struggle to find the arguments that one could hypothetically have in favour of Hillary Clinton as anything but a protest vote. But here are some suggestions:

–Someone who lies awake at night with tear stained eyes, due to the fact Obama refuses to openly declare war on Russia.

–People who are offended by the fact that Wikileaks ruined their childhood fantasy that American politicians are the most honest and forthright in the world and want to punish Julian Assange for telling these truths.

–People who think that a woman who does deals to arm terrorists with the most anti-women country in the world, Saudi Arabia, is still somehow a champion of women.

–People who lie awake at night dreaming of the murder of President Assad.

–People who derive joy from the fact that Libya is now a failed state and want to spread the good gospel to others.

–High level employees of Goldman Sachs.

That’s it. I can’t particularly think of any other reasons. None of these reasons seem to be very popular issues. A survey showed that Hillary Clinton’s blaming of all the world’s ills on Russia doesn’t sell. So far as corporate good will goes, Goldman Sachs aren’t exactly as popular as the Disney Corporation or the NFL. Meddling in foreign affairs sells about as well as the ‘Putin Did It’ line.

Saudi Arabia isn’t generally on the ‘must visit list’ of most American women. When it comes to leisure time, it seems Donald Trump’s Big Golf is more popular with Americans than Hillary’s Big Gulf. So what is it about Hillary Clinton that her supporters actually like?

The whole Hillary phenomenon beggars belief. If Democratic voters were so keen on Trump not winning, they should be actively upset that Hillary Clinton’s henchmen stole the primary election from Bernie Sanders. At least like Trump, Bernie Sanders actually had policies one could support, rather than being a candidate to support  as part of a childish protest vote.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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