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If Russians voted in US election, Hillary would have received 4%

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In the world of Hillary Clinton, John Podesta and the Democratic Party, the idea that Russians want to preserve their lives, their motherland, and are opposed to war, – is a sinister conspiracy. To the rest of the sane world it is simple logic.

It is therefore unsurprising when a recent poll in Russia showed that if Russians had a vote in the US election, 45 percent of them would have voted for Donald Trump, who has said that normalising relations with the Russian Federation is essential, and that cooperation with Russia against Islamic terrorism is ideal. At 42 percent, the second most popular candidate was ‘I wold not vote, even if given the opportunity to do so’, with Hillary Clinton coming in at a distant third place with only 4 percent.

Hillary Clinton tried to sell her campaign domestically on the need to provoke Russia. Her words were bellicose and she never took the idea of full-on war with Russia off the table. Quite the opposite, she spoke of imposing a no-fly zone in Syria which in reality meant that only the planes illegally flying over Syria would be allowed to continue to do so.

The idea that Russia or Syria would allow the grounding of their jets whilst the illegal invading forces of America, Britain, France, Turkey, Belgium and others would be allowed to fly, is fanciful. It would have represented the first step in an escalation of the conflict into a formal world war. Luckily, the cooler head of Trump has prevailed.

Donald Trump will ideally, legally cooperate with Syria and her allies, including Russia in creating a united, international law-abiding alliance against Islamic terrorism.

Is it therefore surprising that Russians await a Trump Presidency with a cautious optimism whereas they’d greet one of Hillary Clinton with self-evident fear? Hillary Clinton fought a campaign on the notion that America and Russia are sworn, eternal enemies, whilst Trump ran a campaign on Russia and America being natural allies in the only battle US voters truly care about, the battle against ISIS, Al-Qaeda and their affiliates.

The survey from Russia demonstrates that not only was Hillary Clinton out of touch with realities in Russia, she was out of touch with the true concerns and correct fears of her own potential voters, the American people.

Along with hoping that Donald Trump appoints a Secretary of State who is sympathetic if not obedient to his genuinely held beliefs about US-Russian cooperation, as reaffirmed in his phone call with President Putin, one must be hopeful that the Democratic Party follows the foreign policy points of Bernie Sanders rather than those of the Clinton/neo-liberal wing of the party.

Whilst Sanders was less enthusiastic about a US-Russia alliance than Donald Trump, his foreign policy is broadly speaking, one opposed to the escalation of war and he has a generally good record of opposing American aggression overseas.

Hillary’s Bush style foreign policy was one of the many things that lost her the election. The war mongers in both the Republican and Democratic parties ought to realise this if they are to win votes in the age of Trump.

The pre new media age when the likes of George Bush could court votes on a ‘war ticket’ are over. Now that Americans are more informed than they have been in recent decades thanks to the emergence of new media, the pragmatism of peace sells far more easily than the idiocy of costly, ineffective and immoral war. The sooner mainstream US politicians realise this, the sooner they too will start winning elections again.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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