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Biden’s Poland speech refers to an alternate reality [Video]

There are some bona fide whoppers in this show piece, plus an overall context that is deluded and false.

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Joe Biden, the Imposter, Brandon himself, went to Poland and got a warning, some people say, as Russian forces attacked a communications emplacement seventy miles away from the American imposter’s location.

Russia need not have bothered; anybody who took Mr. Biden’s words for true is a fool and probably needs to be detoxed in a drug rehab somewhere… that or, they simply are as generally deluded about reality as he seems to be.

I am reprinting the full text of the speech. I think this is necessary to give the best possible “benefit of the doubt” to Mr. Biden’s efforts. As my readers well know, I am an American living in Russia and I stand in support of Russia’s military operations ongoing in Ukraine. I do not like war and would not have chosen this, probably, but in retrospect, it appears that President Putin’s decision to go ahead with the operation is probably the only option to actually ending a much longer conflict that has been in place in Eastern Ukraine since the EuroMaidan of 2014, and which has been blamed for the deaths of some 14,000 civilians and soldiers thus far in Eastern Ukraine’s breakaway republics.

My attempt to offer this is not going to be very fair, however, and for anyone who is as allergic to biased media as I am, you may find what I am doing here to be hypocritical. I will be honest – I am no fan of Joe the Imposter. My temptation is to throw him under the bus at every opportunity. I hope I manage not to be so mindless. There is enough in the man’s speech to show the world that he is a liar and con man without my looking for “extra proof” in any sort of propagandistic sort of way.

Rather, my attempt will be to show the readers of this piece, through Mr. Biden’s own words, that the man is both deluded in general and that he tells very specific lies.

This is not the way to end this conflict, and to preview, one of the most worrisome statements he makes is basically that “we must prepare to be at this a long time.” My impulsive response is “Why? What are you planning against us over here in Russia? Russia does not want a long war.”

But that is the appetizer. Let’s get to it. I will interrupt the speech where comments are clearly needed to refute Mr. Biden’s statements. Where possible I will provide links so that the reader who may wish to investigate for himself can do so more easily. I hope this is helpful to resolving the conflict, for far, far too many innocents are dying, while the real perpetrators of this madness are probably far from any danger.


MR. JOE BIDEN, THE IMPOSTER AND PRETEND PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: – “Be not afraid.” These were the first words that the first public address of the first Polish pope after his election in October of 1978, they were the words who would come to define Pope John Paul II. Words that would change the world.

John Paul brought the message here to Warsaw in his first trip back home as pope in June of 1979. It was a message about the power, the power of faith, the power of resilience, the power of the people. In the face of a cruel and brutal system of government, it was a message that helped end the Soviet repression in the central land in Eastern Europe 30 years ago.

It was a message that we’ll overcome the cruelty and brutality of this unjust war. When Pope John Paul brought that message in 1979, the Soviet Union ruled with an iron fist behind an Iron Curtain. Then a year later, the solidarity movement took hold in Poland. While I know he couldn’t be here tonight, we’re all grateful in America and around the world for Lech Walesa. [Applause] It reminds me of that phrase from the philosopher Kierkegaard, “Faith sees best in the dark.” And they were dark moments.

Ten years later, the Soviet Union collapsed and Poland and Central and Eastern Europe would soon be free. Nothing about that battle for freedom was simple or easy. It was a long, painful slog. Fought over not days and months but years and decades. But we emerged anew in the great battle for freedom. A battle between democracy and autocracy. Between liberty and repression. Between a rules-based order and one governed by brute force. In this battle, we need to be clear-eyed. This battle will not be won in days or months either. We need to steel ourselves of a long fight ahead.

Comment: Mr. Biden and his speechwriters deliberately play the “Soviet Union” trope to a very friendly audience. Poland has an historic set of resentments against Russia much the same as Ukraine does. Historically, Poland actually invaded Russia in centuries past, and got utterly repelled, but the Soviet Union made Poland part of its eastern bloc of satellite communist nations. Mr. Biden’s history about Pope John Paul II and the advent and success of Solidarity to throw off communist rule is certainly historically factual, but projected here intentionally in a radically different context. Here is the use of the Maxim of Western Propaganda #1: If it is Russia, it is by definition, bad, oppressive and communist. Period. Don’t even argue this point.

Except that I have to argue the point. I have been living in Russia since 2015. I have gradually become more and more a part of the everyday happenings in Russia, with access to some of the most powerful people in the nation; mere steps or a phone call away from President Putin himself on some occasions. The conversations we have about things East and West are fascinating, and while it is certainly true that Russia loves her freedom far more than the Soviet repressions, there are those that have been intellectually honest enough to know what did work in Soviet times and to bring those ideas and practices forward to apply in the nation’s presently very vibrant market economy. Mr. Biden later refers to how many countries left Russia with the super-sanctions wave of late. But let’s think about this: Those multinationals were (or still are) here. And, why? Because like America, Russia is open for business, and with 144 million people, it is a pretty big market.

There is no desire in the country to return to communist rule, nor is there any desire to impose totalitarianism here or anywhere else.

For generations, Warsaw has stood where liberty has been challenged and liberty has prevailed. In fact, it was here in Warsaw when a young refugee who fled her home country from Czechoslovakia was under Soviet domination, came back to speak and stand in solidarity with dissidence. Her name was Madeleine Korbel Albright. She became one of the most ardent supporters of democracy in the world. She was a friend with whom I served. America’s first woman Secretary of State.

She passed away three days ago. She fought her whole life for central democratic principles. And now in the perennial struggle for democracy and freedom, Ukraine and its people are in the front lines.

This is a politically aligned contention much of the but Wikipedia notes this exchange and beginning of a nasty controversy: On May 12, 1996, then-ambassador Albright defended UN sanctions against Iraq on a 60 Minutes segment in which Lesley Stahl asked her, “We have heard that half a million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?” and Albright replied, “We think the price is worth it.[119][120]

Now, to be sure, one of the hallmarks of American presidential administrations from Clinton forward at minimum, is that each party has its own “select” people for various posts. Mr. Biden himself is not particularly original, though he is certainly by far the most feeble and unstable member of his cadre, but before him were Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Kerry, and actually, Biden himself as Vice President. The GOP had Reagan / Bush I throwbacks: William Barr, Colin Powell, and Condoleeza Rice to name a few. President Trump made some bold departures, but not completely so.

The two parties therefore have been in more or less a see-saw pattern over the years. each succeeding Presidential administration rather echoing or following the channel set by the one that preceded it. Further, each exists in its own bubble. With the exception of President Trump, these two bubbles alternated in such a way that each almost denies the existence or thought of the other.

MR. BIDEN: Fighting to save their nation and their brave resistance is part of a larger fight for essential democratic principles that unite all free people. The rule of law, fair and free elections, the freedom to speak, to write and to assemble. The freedom to worship as one chooses. The freedom of the press. These principles are essential in a free society. [Applause]

But they have always, they have always been under siege. They have always been embattled. Every generation has had to defeat democracy’s moral foes. That’s the way of the world, for the world is imperfect, as we know. Where the appetites and ambitions of a few forever seek to dominate the lives and liberty of many.

My message to the people of Ukraine is a message I delivered today to Ukraine’s foreign minister and defense minister, who I believe are here tonight. We stand with you. Period! [Applause]

We? Does he mean the people that fiddled with the votes in six states late in the night of November 3-4, 2020? Does he mean the zombie like force of the American Press establishment, which has largely even shut off the ability for readers to comment on any news this establishment pushes out? And they call Russia a nation whose press is dominated by the State? To be sure, the US found a clever way around its own Constitution’s First Amendment. That text says only that Congress cannot restrict the free press. It says nothing about any agreements between the Chief Executive or private business owners, now, does it?

Why should I trade one tyrant three thousand miles away for three thousand tyrants one mile away? An elected legislature can trample upon a man’s rights as easily as a king can.”

Perhaps this is desireable, and indeed, all evidence points to Ukraine duplicating its American exemplars.

But the battle for democracy could not conclude, and did not conclude with the end of the Cold War. Over the last 30 years, the forces of autocracy have revived all across the globe. Its hallmarks are familiar ones — contempt for the rule of law, contempt for democratic freedom, contempt for the truth itself.

Today, Russia has strangled democracy and sought to do so elsewhere, not only in his homeland. Under false claims of ethnic solidarity, there’s invalidated neighboring nations. Putin has the gall to say he’s ‘denazifying’ Ukraine. It’s a lie. It’s just cynical, he knows that and it’s also obscene.

President Zelenskyy was democratically elected. He’s Jewish. His father’s family was wiped out in the Nazi Holocaust. And Putin has the audacity, like all autocrats before him, to believe that might will make right.

Big Error: To be a Nazi is not specifically to be anti-Jewish. National Socialism is, like any other political system, subject to the art of convenience. In Naziism’s case “not like us” is target enough, and Azov, for example, which has been specifically identified AS a Nazi organization by American intelligence sources, really hates Russians. They probably do not waste their time hating Jews because there are relatively few of these, and it is harder to attach any sort of weight of “oppressor” to them than it is to Russian people. There is history to back this angst up, unfortunately, but it is rather long-ago history that has been deliberately unforgotten, thanks to Western liberal woke people, the world experts at growing grievance politics and policies.

Further, Biden is lying. His own party has this on record: “In October 2019, members of the US House of Representatives from the Democratic Party requested that the Azov Battalion and two other far-right groups be classified as a Foreign Terrorist Organization by the US State Department, citing recent acts of right-wing violence such as the Christchurch mosque shootings earlier that year. The request spurred protests by Azov’s supporters in Ukraine.[57][58][59]

Note to readers: When Mr. Biden straight-out says something is a lie, it is quite likely that he himself is the one straight-out lying. This example is very obvious.

I guess he should have read Wikipedia before speaking, you think? Let’s continue.

MR. BIDEN: In my own country, a former president named Abraham Lincoln voiced the opposing spirit to save our union in the midst of the Civil War. He said let us have faith that right makes might. Right makes might. Today, let us have that faith again. [Applause] Let us resolve to put the strength of democracies into action to thwart the designs of autocracy.

Let us remember that the test of this moment is the test of all time. A criminal wants to portray NATO enlargement as an imperial project aimed at destabilizing Russia. Nothing is further from the truth. NATO is a defensive alliance. It has never sought the demise of Russia. In the lead up to the current crisis, the United States and NATO worked for months to engage Russia to avert war. I met with him in person, talked to him many times on the phone.

Time and again, we offered real diplomacy and concrete proposals to strengthen European security, enhance transparency, build confidence on all sides. But Putin and Russia met each of the proposals with disinterest in any negotiation, with lies and ultimatums.

Russia was bent on violence from the start. I know not all of you believed me and us when we kept saying, they are going to cross the border, they are going to attack. Repeatedly he asserted we had no interest in war, guaranteed he would not move. Repeatedly saying he would not invade Ukraine. Repeatedly saying Russian troops along the border were there for training. All 180,000 of them.

There’s simply no justification or provocation for Russia’s choice of war. It’s an example, one of the oldest human impulses, using brute force and disinformation to satisfy a craving for absolute power and control. It’s nothing less than a direct challenge to the rule-based international order established since the end of World War II. And it threatens to return to decades of war that ravaged Europe before the international rule-based order was put in place.

“There’s simply no justification or provocation for Russia’s choice of war.” Yes, there is. It is Ukraine’s choice not to follow the Minsk Accords set in 2015, which it signed agreement to. It is eight years of war in Donbass against people who prefer to speak Russian and to govern themselves. Interestingly enough, there is now news that Lugansk is considering a referendum to actually JOIN Russia. This is unexpected, but if they really wanted to be part of Ukraine, would that not have already happened?

There are also the thirty years of rebuffs, NATO expansion, Russia getting rickrolled by the West by everyone from the investment con man Bill Browder to President Bill Clinton (when Putin asked him about Russia possibly JOINING NATO in 2000,) and sanctions “just because” Russia refuses to play the game according to the American rules. Indeed, the justification and provocation from the West is such that missing it is like refusing to see Mount Everest when it is right in front of your face. The headline ought to be on Russia showing thirty years of amazing patience with the West before it had to act.

This is plainly the perspective that President Putin holds. Admittedly, not everyone here has this view, not even my own American friends AND Russian friends who live here. That is fine, and no one is getting put in jail for disagreeing with the opinion of the government. Nor am I getting any rewards for how and where I personally DO agree and of course, write about it.

Oh, and one more little note about this particular aspect. Look up The Duran on any index of fake news or “Russian disinformation sites.” I will even give you a link, here. The summary is interesting, even laughable, but go ahead and enjoy yourself.

You all should know that for quite some time now, the single and sole writer for the Duran that is in any way connected with Russia is me. Yours truly.

I AM the Russian hacker. At least I wish I were. It would pay much better! Let’s go on.

MR. BIDEN: We cannot go back to that. We cannot. The gravity of the threat is why the response of the West has been so swift and so powerful and so unified, unprecedented and overwhelming. Swift and punishing costs are the only thing that are going to get Russia to change its course.

Within days of his invasion, the West has moved jointly with sanctions to damage Russia’s economy. Russia’s Central Bank is now blocked from global financial systems, denying Kremlin’s access to the war fund that’s stashed around the globe. We have aimed at the heart of Russia’s economy by stopping the imports of Russian energy to the United States.

To date, the United States has sanctioned 140 Russian oligarchs and their family members, seizing their ill-begotten gains, their yachts, their luxury apartments, their mansions. We’ve sanctioned more than 400 Russian government officials, including key architects of this war. These officials and oligarchs have reaped enormous benefit from the corruption connected to the Kremlin. And now they have to share in the pain.

The private sector has acted as well. Over 400 private multinational companies have pulled out of doing business in Russia. Left Russia completely. From oil companies to McDonald’s. As a result of these unprecedented sanctions, the ruble almost is immediately reduced to rubble. The Russian economy — that’s true, by the way, it takes about 200 rubles to equal $1.

Um, no. This is a lie. Here are two reports of the Ruble at the time of this writing, 11:00 UTC March 27, 2022:

Note that the worst it ever got was 139 rubles to the dollar. Admittedly, that was hard, but this also was for a short time. Now it is floating around 100:1, which admittedly is still a lot worse than 76:1 which is the last prewar ratio. However, even at 100:1, there is very little change I see personally in the economy here. Ride sharing is a bit more expensive, and buying anything imported is not very wise because those prices are high, but food is low, gas is less than $2 / gallon by US equivalent and oil prices have not risen at all during the course of the conflict.

Joe is just making crap up. 

MR. BIDEN: The economy is on track to be cut in half in the coming years. It was ranked, Russia’s economy was ranked the 11th biggest economy in the world before this invasion. It will soon not even rank among the top 20 in the world.

Taken together [applause] these economic sanctions, a new kind of economic statecraft with the power to inflict damage that rivals military might. These international sanctions are sapping Russian strength, its ability to replenish its military, and its ability to project power. And it’s Putin, it is Vladimir Putin who is to blame. Period.

That is a bold statement, but one I suspect is largely unfounded. Mr. Biden suggests in his speech that the Great Western Woke Cut-Off is powerful enough to ruin Russia. Indeed, the US is the leading first or second economy in the world. Being cut away from that is indeed a big deal. But China stands with Russia, and China is the largest manufacturing economy on earth, making most things the rest of the world uses. India is also extremely economically powerful, and it is also standing with Russia, and further, Saudi Arabia is looking to make some sweet refinery development deal with China, and to start selling oil in Yuan, rather than dollars.

In other words, Russia is aligning with and allying with two absolutely huge economies. Admittedly, Russia has a lot of catching up to do if she is to be a truly self-sufficient civilization state, but this is achieveable and not without help in the meantime.

The more likely situation is that following the conclusion of hostilities, Russia will remain politically largely isolated from the West, at least as long as people like Biden and the neo-whatevers remain in power. If President Trump returns, along with a suitable backing of true “American-Firsters” in the government, this will absolutely change. President Trump, himself, recognized the nation-state as the form of government that the United Nations itself ought to not interfere with – and a group of nation-states in brotherhood can both do great deeds of cooperation and be culturally independent as well as economically independed. Trade? Yes. Dependence. No.

Back to the Bumbler-in-Chief…

MR. BIDEN: At the same time, alongside these economic sanctions, the Western world has come together to provide for the people of Ukraine with incredible levels of military, economic, humanitarian assistance.

In the years before the invasion, we, America, had sent over $650 million, before they crossed the border, in weapons to Ukraine, including anti-air and anti-armor equipment. Since the invasion, America has committed another $1.35 billion in weapons and ammunition. And thanks to the courage and bravery of the Ukrainian people, the equipment we’ve sent and our colleagues have sent have been used to devastating effect to defend Ukrainian land and air space.

Our allies and partners have stepped up as well. But as I’ve made clear, American forces are in Europe — not in Europe to engage in conflict with Russian forces. American forces are here to defend NATO allies. Yesterday I met with the troops that are serving alongside our Polish allies to bolster NATO’s front line defenses. The reason we want to make clear is their movement on Ukraine — don’t even think about moving on one single inch of NATO territory. We have sacred obligation. We have a sacred obligation under Article 5 to defend each and every inch of NATO territory with the full force of our collective power.

And earlier today I visited your national stadium, where thousands of Ukrainian refugees are now trying to answer the toughest questions a human can ask. My God, what is going to happen to me? What is going to happen to my family? I saw tears in many of the mothers’ eyes as I embraced them. Their young children, their young children, not sure whether to smile or cry.

One little girl said, Mr. President — she spoke a little English — is my brother and my daddy, are they going to be okay? Will I see them again? Without their husbands, their fathers. In many cases, their brothers and sisters have stayed back to fight for their country.

I didn’t have to speak the language or understand the language to feel the emotion in their eyes, the way they gripped my hand, little kids hung on to my leg, praying with a desperate hope that all this is temporary. Apprehension that they may be perhaps forever away from their homes. Almost a debilitating sadness that this is happening all over again.

Why didn’t he comment on sniffing their hair, I should wonder? Smart speechwriters, probably. There. There was my personal snipery and angst. You see it, now let’s move on. I will not do it again.

MR. BIDEN: But I was also struck by the generosity of the people of Warsaw — for that matter, all the Polish people — for the depths of their compassion, their willingness to reach out [applause], for opening their hearts. I was saying to the mayor, they were opening their hearts and their homes simply to help.

Here I will agree. I know some Polish people and they are wonderful. I also know many wonderful Ukrainian people, and my heart is sad for them and the struggle they are experiencing. But maybe they might remember that even President Putin has a Ukrainian god-daughter, who is no doubt very important to him. Most people really are wonderful when you get to know them. But what is really sad is when wonderful people are used for someone else’s best interests instead of leaving them alone.

MR. BIDEN: I also want to thank my friend, the great American chef Jose Andres, and his team for help feeding those who are yearning to be free. But helping these refugees is not something Poland or any other nation should carry alone. All the world’s democracies have a responsibility to help. All of them. And the people of Ukraine can count on the United States to meet its responsibility. I have announced two days ago, we will welcome 100,000 Ukrainian refugees. We already have 8,000 a week coming to the United States of other nationalities. We will provide nearly $300 million of humanitarian assistance, providing tens of thousands of tons of food, water, medicine and other basic supplies.

But we’ll not cease our efforts to get humanitarian relief wherever it is needed in Ukraine and for the people who’ve made it out of Ukraine. Notwithstanding the brutality of Vladimir Putin, let there be no doubt that this war has already been a strategic failure for Russia already. Having lost children myself, I know that’s no solace to the people who’ve lost family but he, Putin, thought Ukrainians would roll over and not fight. Not much of a student of history. Instead Russian forces have met their match with brave and stiff Ukrainian resistance. Rather than breaking Ukrainian resolve, Russia’s brutal tactics have strengthened the resolve. Rather than driving NATO apart, the West is now stronger and more united than it’s ever been.

Russia wanted less of a NATO presence on its border but now he has a stronger presence, a larger presence with over 100,000 American troops here along with all the other members of NATO. In fact, Russia has managed to cause something I’m sure he never intended. The democracies of the world are revitalized with purpose and unity found in months that we’ve once taken years to accomplish.

It’s not only Russia’s actions in Ukraine that are reminding us of democracy’s blessing. It’s our own country, his own country, the Kremlin, it’s jailing protesters. Two hundred thousand people who have allegedly already left. There’s a brain drain leaving Russia. Shutting down independent news. State media is all propaganda. Blocking the image of civilian targets, mass graves, starvation tactics of the Russian forces in Ukraine.

Is it any wonder as I said that 200,000 Russians have all left their country in one month. A remarkable brain drain in such a short period of time. Which brings me to my message to the Russian people. I worked with Russian leaders for decades. I sat across the negotiating table going all the way back to Soviet Alexei Kosygin to talk arms control at the height of the Cold War. I’ve always spoken directly and honestly to you, the Russian people. Let me say this, if you’re able to listen. You, the Russian people, are not our enemy. I refuse to believe that you welcome the killing of innocent children and grandparents, or that you accept hospitals, schools, maternity wards and for God sake’s being pummeled with Russian missiles and bombs. Or cities being surrounded so that civilians cannot flee. Supplies cut off and attempting to starve Ukrainians into submission.

Yes, a lot of Russians did leave. I do not know much about them. A number of Americans left. I know only a little about them. I personally think that it was a mistake for them to leave, but if they are gone, that is fine: There is more of Russia for me and my family, and this is a very good place to be. It is peaceful, not woke and my worries about my kids are mainly just that they don’t get hurt physically or that they make it through the teenage years without being around too many crazy secular kids. There are a lot of these here, but there are a lot of good Christian boys and girls, too, and Christianity, where held, is lived by in a way that most Americans cannot even imagine as being true in the “modern world.”

The people that left probably did so because they analyzed the financial and economic threats. I wondered about these, too. But, quite frankly, due to several causes, God has me here, and here I will remain. I am already a permanent resident; just a stone’s short throw from full citizenship. I wish I could take my family home to the States, but due to policy issues, my own country will not even accept me or my family from what presently is in place due to our Brandon and his policy set.

Finally, in this segment, NATO is not united and of one voice with regard to Russia. That is why Mr. Biden went there, to try to push that, and ostensibly, probably to try to fix the idiocy that happened only a week or so earlier when Kackling Kamala spoke in Poland. Yikes.

MR. BIDEN: Millions of families are being driven from their homes, including half of all Ukraine’s children. These are not the actions of a great nation. Of all people, you, the Russian people, as well as all people across Europe still have the memory of being in a similar situation in the late ’30s and ’40s. Situation in World War II still fresh in the minds of many grandparents in the region. Whatever your generation experienced, whether it experienced the siege of Leningrad or heard about it from your parents and grandparents. Train stations overflowing with terrified families fleeing their homes. Nights sheltering in basements and cellars. Mornings sifting through the rubble in your homes. These are not memories of the past. Not anymore. Because it’s exactly what the Russian army is doing in Ukraine right now.

And that is because of what the Ukrainian government and the US have been doing to Ukraine for at least eight years and probably longer. The West kept poking the bear. Why are you blaming the bear for reacting? It didn’t for many years.

BIDEN CONTINUES: March 26, 2022, just days before we’re at the 21 — you were a 21st century nation, with hopes and dreams that people all over the world have for themselves and their family. Now, Vladimir Putin’s aggression have cut you, the Russian people, off from the rest of the world, and it’s taking Russia back to the 19th century. This is not who you are. This is not the future you deserve for your families and your children. I’m telling you the truth, this war is not worthy of you, the Russian people. Putin can and must end this war. The American people will stand with you, and the brave citizens of Ukraine who want peace.

Another lie. Russia is going full on 21st century, forging economic alliances with India and the People’s Republic of China. Forty percent of the world’s population will form an economic alliance far, far larger than the United States, Europe, Australia and Japan combined. And China makes all the stuff. Bad move, Biden, or maybe Russia should say, “Thank you, sir, for accelerating our plans. You have actually set us free from your own tyranny.”

MR. BIDEN: My message to the rest of Europe, this new battle for freedom has already made a few things crystal clear. First, Europe must end its dependence on Russian fossil fuels. And we, the United States will help. [Applause] That’s why just yesterday in Brussels I announced the plan with the president of the European Commission to get Europe through the immediate energy crisis. Over the long-term, as a matter of economic security and national security and for the survivability of the planet, we all need to move as quickly as possible to clean, renewable energy. And we’ll work together to help to get that done so that the days of any nation being subject to the whims of a tyrant for its energy needs are over. They must end. They must end.

And second, we have to fight the corruption coming from the Kremlin to give the Russian people a fair chance. And finally, most urgently, we maintain absolute unity, we must, among the world’s democracies. It’s not enough to speak with rhetorical flourish of ennobling words of democracy, of freedom, of quality, and liberty. All of us, including here in Poland, must do the hard work of democracy each and every day — my country as well. That’s why [applause], that’s why I came to Europe again this week with a clear and determined message for NATO, for the G7, for the European Union, for all freedom-loving nations — we must commit now to be in this fight for the long haul. We must remain unified today and tomorrow and the day after. And for the years and decades to come. It will not be easy. There will be costs. But it is a price we have to pay because the darkness that drives autocracy is ultimately no match for the flame of liberty that lights the souls of free people everywhere.

Not-so-hidden message: The US is going to charge you more for gas and oil, Europe, than you were paying those dastardly Russians for. It is going to hurt YOU, Europe. But that is okay, Mr. Biden is absolutely fine with that. Are you?

So in this hour, let the words of Pope John Paul burn as brightly today. Never ever give up hope. Never doubt. Never tire. Never become discouraged. Be not afraid! [Applause]

A dictator bent on rebuilding an empire will never erase a people’s love for liberty. Brutality will never grind down their will to be free. Ukraine will never be a victory for Russia, for free people refuse to live in a world of hopelessness and darkness. We will have a different future, a brighter future, rooted in democracy and principle, hope and light. Of decency and dignity and freedom and possibilities. For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power! God bless you all. And may God defend our freedom, and may God protect our troops. [Applause] Thank you for your patience. Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you, Mr. Unhinged, for offering a huge verbal smackdown. “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power!?” Really? Are you going to follow through with that sort of language? Does President Putin think you might do so?

President Putin and his people will probably respond as they usually do – “The American president is old, feeble and sometimes prone to saying things he shouldn’t…” something like that. At the same time, an unhinged person with access to nuclear weapons is a very bad situation, and from the nature of the rhetoric from Washington, DC, a nuclear first strike from the United States IS a possibility that must be considered.

What a switch this is from the US pledging a “never first strike policy!” These days, it is Russia who maintains such a policy. However, in the event of being struck, this is Russia’s pledge:

But, anyway, Putin-threatening aside, thank you, Mr. Shuck-and-Jiver-in-Chief, for this amazing opportunity to pick your policies apart to bits, to show the world what an abject liar and con artist you are. But at the same time, one has to give you credit, Mr. Biden. You conned and lied your way into what was the highest office on earth. Thanks to your lies, you have reduced America to the status of a mad superpower. You have brought in and enabled a cadre of truly dangerous warmongers, who would not bat an eye at triggering their own destruction and all of ours in a nuclear conflagration.

This situation is serious. While I have great optimism that Russia will pull through and the world will realign in a productive and peaceful manner, the odds that this will actually go the other way are stronger now than they have ever been. An insane superpower is dangerous. And like all insane people, it does not know it is insane and insists everyone who disagrees with it is insane.

The insane power is the United States. The only people who can stop this run of psychotics are the American people, but a whole lot of them are also insane or ignorant. The odds of this working out well are very much against us all.

Don’t blame me, though. I voted for Donald Trump. He was our last best hope. I don’t know if we will make it to having another chance. God’s patience is amazing, but when folks reject him, he lets them go to their own devices, so that they can experience what has happened to every person and every generation that rejected God: Suffering. Strife. Destruction.

My readers know that I always refer these events to Sacred History, because we still are writing that history. Globalist secularism suggests that that history is ended, and that we are free of the need to be connected to God, especially in Christianity. Globalist secularism is wrong. It is as wrong as those Israeli kings who worshipped the Baals in the hills, or the Bolsheviks in 1918. It is the same old lie dressed up in fancy high-definition sound and video, and it will yield the same result, deadlier than ever in proportion to the adherence peoples and nations show to it.

There is still a chance to reverse this, but the window is shrinking.


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March 28, 2022

The disillusion of Biden saying that Europe have been taken captive by an dictator using energy is the dumbest line from the Americans. Even Trump peddled this nonsense too, the truth is US would prefer there is no trade between Europe and Russia so it can dominate the world. Europe’s slavery if it goes the US route will only get to be compounded.

March 28, 2022

Very frank and insightful assessment of President Biden’s speech from an Americam patriot now living in Russia. Thank you.

March 29, 2022

Biden and his administration are the greatest gifts to the world in the 21st century. They are so intensely power-hungry and incompetent at the same time, they have given the entire game away. For decades, American citizens and citizens around the world had a sense something was seriously wrong with the way every issue was handled. Despite American leadership promising the moon, we often found ourselves mired in mud. Few people knew how depraved the government and the corporate structure had become. Trump, Covid, and this present. usurper administration has now been laid bare. I pray the world continues to… Read more »

March 29, 2022

If this is so He [Trump] was our last best hope, the US has shot its wad already.

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