Belgium goes full FemiNazi – CONVICTS man for ‘public SEXISM’

And it all started over jaywalking…

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Brussels, you just done and went full retard – common’ Brussels, you should know better – you NEVER go full retard.

Belgium finally found the first victim of it’s new “sexism in the public space,”  law, and convicted a man for verbally insulting a female police officer who questioned him after he was seen jaywalking. Bonus points have been noted and applied forthwith, for being petty enough to harras a man over JAYWALKING, while rapists are prowling the streets of the EU all thanks to Brussel’s policies.

#MeToo SJWs ignore #120db: Mass RAPES of European women [Video]

According to the NYT:

The man, whose name was not disclosed, was convicted of sexism, slander and threatening a police officer, and fined 3,000 euros, or $3,725. He did not appear in court, and he can appeal the conviction, but failure to pay the fine could land him in prison, officials said.

“Shut your mouth, I don’t talk to women, being a police officer is not a job for women,” the man told the female police officer during the arrest, according to Gilles Blondeau, a spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office. The officer arrested him and filed charges.

To be clear, having not been there, and not knowing the full details, it is NOT appropriate to insult a person and verbally abuse them without cause – be they male or female. It is also important to be respectful in dealings with law enforcement (and people in general), so while I do not defend rude behavior, it is downright Orwellian that people can be arrested, fined, and potentially jailed for a few unfriendly words exchanged over a jaywalking dispute.

Would this mean had the man said the same thing to a male officer he would have been free? If he would have suffered the same consequences for this behavior towards a male officer, than its merely a legal dispute, if at all, however the fact that he is only punished for being rude towards a women would apply a major double standard here.

And to any who would say this law is protecting the woman who is weaker in society from institutional sexism, that argument in this context is ridiculous. The woman in question was likely armed, and not only had the power to, but did, in fact, arrest the man. She is hardly downtrodden, nor are woman, for the most part, oppressed institutionally in the civilized world, compared to the real issues facing women coming from external threats, and the simple sinfulness of the population.

If the Feminists really wish to complain about women being oppressed, they should protest Saudi Arabi, were women must cover their heads or face punishments, obey the commands of men, can neither drive nor move freely, and are generally treated like cattle. The fact that major Feminists and their western/soros backed NGOs never criticize western powers for their jovial relations with the “moderate decapitators” in Saudi Arabia totally exposes the feminist movement in a modern post-sufferage context as being a sham.

Russia, for example, is constantly demonized by the West, and by Feminists, yet Russia has advanced women’s rights FAR more than the west. Russia put the first woman in space, has a large percentage of female judges compared to male, and MASSIVE benefits for maternity that send western heads spinning.

The numbers are in – Russian women FAR outpace western counterparts in workplace achievements

Yet here we are, where Russia gets demonized, while a country which still MURDERS women for “witchcraft” gets defended by Feminists – if not by their actions – by their inactions, by their refusal to criticize Saudi Arabia while going on a witch hunt against Russians.

Moreover, another area where Russia outpaces the west is…believe it or not…reasonable cops. While in Belgium they are slapping the cuffs on people for jaywalking, and in America, it takes a small army of them to empty entire magazines into unarmed homeless people, watch how this Russian cop takes down a suspect who comes at him with a SHOVEL.

Spoiler alert: No one died. In America, that suspect would have been shot at least 10 times, and it seems like the way it’s going, in Belgium, he would have gotten that same kind of beat down for simply insulting a female officer.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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