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Anybody else this fed up with liberal nuttery? [Video]

Next News Network anchor shows his own honesty as nuttery of Governor Whitmer is exposed

So, America, it has been almost four months. How is life under President We-Don’t-Really-Know-Who-Is-in-Charge?

Gary Franchi, the owner and anchor of the Next News Network, one of the better alternative news sites, appeared to reach his limit during his video broadcast about the propaganda tactics employed by embattled Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer. While his analysis of what Governor Whitmer is doing is spot on as usual, Mr. Franchi basically popped with his own frustration about the fact that this kind of thing is now the new normal in America.

Who can blame him? It appears that this level of frustration is growing, too. It cannot reach a boiling point soon enough.

We lost a LOT when the 2020 election was manipulated and fraudulently awarded to the imposter and the ghost currently holding the highest posts in government service in our land.

One can only hope that Mr. Franchi’s frustration finds itself in at least seventy-five or eighty-million more American families. It is quite likely that it will, though the Left is sure to use all their comfy-blanket propaganda to try to keep us all in line.

There’s nothing to see here, folks. Everything is great!


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April 23, 2021

Useful for readers who want to know WTF is going on:

St. Longinus
St. Longinus
Reply to  Luka-The-K9
April 24, 2021

Listened to Mike Moore about 15-20 times approximately 4 months ago. He never said anything I couldn’t get a lot quicker, more cleanly, and more straightforwardly from many other sources. I’m really not sure why anyone would listen to that man, unless they’re still the walking dead and finally feel as though they need to start a waking process. Go to cutting through the matrix dot com and you’ll get a great education from someone who never CHARGED for the info and it was much better info. The site is still up and running although the gentleman who used to… Read more »

David Bowlas
David Bowlas
April 23, 2021

After watching Maxine Waters judge and jury tampering and got away with it. Then I had to listen to that old hag Nancy Pelosi looking up to heaven and thanking George Floyd for changing the world. Then I was faced with that other idiot Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who said justice would be George Floyd going home to his family. What before or after that thug had threatened another woman with a gun? Then the tearful story by the Hair sniffer in charge who spoke to Floyd’s daughter and she said ”daddy changed the world” and old JOBama at his best stumbled… Read more »

St. Longinus
St. Longinus
April 24, 2021

This virus cannot be “contained” by “simply wearing a mask” dipshyte. Masks are USELESS, you dipshyte. Capacity limitations do NOTHING, you dipshyte. Shots in arms are great for killing and maiming, which you LOVE, you dipshyte. The “additional help” you’re getting from the federal government is WHAT exactly? How to pauperize people so you follow the instructions of your banking masters, you DIPSHYTE?

William H Warrick III MD
William H Warrick III MD
April 25, 2021

She looks like the Devil’s wife.

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