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The Overton Window moves on COVID-19 and UFOs [Video]

Stories that were laughed out of countenance become stronger as evidence mounts. What does this say about the objectivity of our news media?

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

It ought to seem strange to consider that the American public, or any group of people around the world, for that matter, would willfully close their minds to any new discoveries of either very interesting, or potentially very important, news. Time and time we see movies and read books where some major crisis happens and people are kept from the truth. Stephen King’s classic novel The Stand, is replete with accounts of how the American government (a.k.a. “the Dallas Police”) fumble through the outbreak of the superflu by trying to control news and repress honest journalism, keeping “order” while the entire nation, and the world, meets its demise at the hands of Captain Trips.

On a more humourous tangent, the movie series Men in Black is careful to note that the presence of alien life on Earth simply has to be kept an absolute secret because although “one person can handle” such information, “people” cannot; that they are unpredictable and easily stoked to panic. Upon seeing such movies, how many people think to themselves about this statement at all, and how many question it: would we panic if we found out extraterrestrials exist?

I have often thought that the reaction of the planet would be to take such news in stride. The first motion picture I am aware of to show this view is the Marvel Comics blockbuster The Avengers, where an alien attack on New York City is portrayed and of course, driven back by our greatest heroes.

This is extraordinarily fun fiction, but it does offer a window. The New Yorkers who experienced the attack simply take it in stride. It was inevitable, after all, wasn’t it, that we are not alone?

So which is it?

Well, the news reporting on two major stories has been very interesting over the last two months.

The first story is about UFO sightings, under their new acronyms UAP (Unexplained Aerial Phenomena).

Two years or so ago, we got to see the first confirmed authentic video of such craft as filmed by US Navy aircraft sent out to intercept them. Today on Fox News’ site, some new footage is reported, ahead of a scheduled conclusion coming from the Pentagon about these objects. The new material shows as many as 14 unidentified craft visible on Navy radar systems.

However, the interesting thing is how rapidly this story is moving, traveling at first from the “What sane person would waste their time with this?” to “who is flying these objects?” to what looks like an oncoming deluge of information.

As this happens, the public appears to simply be absorbing it with no real surprise. There is a notable evolution in how people talk about such craft, most notably an absence of religious fervor such as New Age groups exhibited about ET’s thirty to fifty years ago. The question “who is doing this?” shows how normal, even expected, such news has become.

The other story is about the origin of COVID-19 and its virus, SARS-CoV-2. Two months ago, the notion that the virus originated in the Chinese Wuhan Virology Institute labs was pooh-poohed by the press, primarily because President Donald Trump was early on record with the supposition that the virus indeed did originate in a lab.

(By contrast, here in Russia, one widely-held thought was that not only did the virus originate in a lab, it was an American virus and not a Chinese one, though it started making its presence known in China. Even for this, I find myself fascinated with the unique blend of cynicism and disbelief of the news among Russian people, but also the absolute freedom that many people feel in coming up with such scenarios, ones difficult even for me to accept.)

But an earlier splash page on Fox News featured a headline saying something like this (the piece has since disappeared) “Very little evidence to prove COVID-19 was NOT man-made.”

The headline disappeared, and I cannot find it again, but it is the logical “next step” in the development of this story. You see, the “breaking news” that we now see, that SARS-CoV-2 was developed in a Chinese lab funded by order of Dr Anthony Fauci, and which is gaining steam… well, this was known about over one year ago. Here is my own piece about it from April 26, 2020, and this is just one of many.

Now, this story is becoming accepted information. What changed?

These stories are good examples of what has been termed “movement of the Overton Window.”

The Overton Window (a.k.a. the window of discourse) is a concept that says there is a certain range of topics that the general public will accept as valid at any given time. If a piece of information is developed that falls outside that range, it will be rejected, even if it is true.

While the above reference focuses on policies, think about what a lot of news is actually about: Policy.

We have here a huge range of policy issues regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, and a huge range of issues involving unidentified craft seen largely over American military bases. In both topics, there is a range of what is “Acceptable” and what is not.

What we are experiencing now amounts to nothing less than a deliberate shift in the window, moving the “region of accepted discourse” more and more into areas considered “radical” or even “unthinkable.”

What was ridiculed a year ago is now something that Congress is actively bringing Dr Fauci in, day after day, for questioning about. What was always a sign of someone’s insanity is now a topic taken seriously by the Pentagon, with a report forthcoming in June.

This “window of discourse” can be weaponized.

In fact, it has been, repeatedly, with the 2020 campaign, with the Russia Hoax, with many other political and policy arguments as disseminated by the press. The mainstream media’s ease of access to the American people gives it great power to control the flow of information, for good or for ill.

This has taken place with forcing Americans to accept the psychological illness of gender dysphoria as a clear indication that it is okay to mutilate ourselves to “become another sex.” It has set people in church against one another because they fear the Church authorities and not Christ. It apparently convinced a great number of Americans that a man who cannot even speak a straight sentence with a teleprompter is the man to lead the nation. (That is, assuming that everything was legitimate about the 2020 election, something which was also manipulated through the press’ use of the word “baseless”)

We see that the media has enormous power to direct and shape public opinion. It has taken that power largely because we let them do it, as we became a country more and more dependent on “the experts” and less and less self-reliant and independent of thought.

We cannot change the press (except by joining it as the Alternative Media now makes so wonderfully possible), but we can change our sheepleness and start using our God-given brains to think for ourselves.

Does this COVID stuff really make sense? How does a thin little mask stop a deadly pathogen? (Answer: it doesn’t, so why wear this stupid thing, and why allow someone else the authority to tell me to wear it?)

Is Joe Biden really the President of the United States? How come the Supreme Court would not touch this? How come no one on the Left gave the Trump side the courtesy of allowing us to investigate this, to see for sure if it is true or not?

These unidentified aircraft? Who is flying them? Where can I get one?

You see, all sorts of questions are available. The sky is the limit. But the only way to fight being manipulated by the media, as is currently happening, is to start to think, to reason and to critically analyze everything carefully. To pray, to listen to God and other trustworthy friends for guidance.

If we just trust the press, we are the most foolish of men and women.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

What do you think?

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Reply to  Luka-The-K9
May 29, 2021

You might also listen to

Not sure why Duran is not covering this? It’s much more interesting than some of the kooky historical theories they publish.

Reply to  Cilcoffin
May 29, 2021


Come on Alexi Let’s go with the JAB SCAM racket.

Tell the people what we all know.


Helga I. Fellay
Helga I. Fellay
Reply to  Luka-The-K9
May 30, 2021

K-9 – stop that annoying barking already. If you want something out there, grow your own balls and put it out there yourself, instead of trying to shame others into doing it for you. Nobody is stopping you.

john vieira
May 30, 2021

Over forty years ago the “press” capitulated…news was supplanted by propaganda and “gaslighting”. The Main sewer Stream fake Media abandoned the Fourth Estate in favour of the Fifth Column…

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