Angela Merkel makes a 13 year old refugee girl from Lebanon cry on live TV [Video]

Via Sputnik News…

“I have goals in life like everyone else,” a 13-year-old girl identified as Reem said during the discussion organized by Merkel’s own office. Her family has lived in Germany for four years and faces possible deportation. “I want to go to university, that’s a goal I want to achieve.”

“Sometimes politics is hard,” Merkel shrugged.

“But you know in Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon there are thousands and thousands [of people] and if we say you can all come and you can all come from Africa and you can all come. We can’t manage that.”

With her future suddenly up in the air, Reem burst into tears.

Merkel, for her part, took it like a champ. Walking over to the sobbing child, Merkel began to comfort her by rubbing her back. Little consolation when your future has just gone up in smoke.

The incident has already inspired the viral hashtag #merkelstreichelt, translating, roughly, to merkelstrokes.


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357 Mag
357 Mag
July 19, 2015

… just like the jooo banker manipulated evil Nazi witch that she is, just saying.

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