Antimigrant protests sparked by murder of German teen clash with Antifa

The Left continues to defend mass immigration of Muslim migrants while supporting the very conflicts and hostilities that continue to cause the unstable conditions that these migrants are fleeing

Protests have ignited over the murder of a 15 year old girl at a drug store with a kitchen knife by an Afghan migrant in the Southwestern German town of Kandel. The incidents surrounding the girl’s murder was reported by German news outlet DW:

A 15-year-old Afghan refugee was in police custody on suspicion of manslaughter in Ludwigshafen on Thursday after allegedly stabbing his ex-girlfriend to death in the southwestern German town of Kandel, in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Authorities said the girl, also 15 years old, was stabbed following an apparently chance meeting with the boy at a drugstore on Wednesday. She died of her injuries after being attacked with a kitchen knife with a 20-centimeter blade.

The girl was taken to hospital following the attack, where she died shortly afterward. About 15-20 people were present in the drugstore at the time of the stabbing.

In January, a month after the girl’s death, protests were organized in the small German town by protesters from across Germany to protest Angela Merkel’s immigration policy. Leftist counter protests were also hosted by the small town supporting inclusivity and openness to Middle Eastern migrants.

The small German town of Kandel stood divided on Sunday as 1,000 protesters (in a town of only 8,500) gathered in the main square to stand either for or against refugees one month after a local teen was allegedly killed by her ex-boyfriend, an Afghan asylum seeker.

Banners reading “Safety for us and our children” stood across from others saying “Stand up against racism,” as tensions rose in the packed streets.

This past Saturday, further protests, hosting protesters from across Germany, against Merkel’s immigration policy were organized, demanding freedom of speech, immediate closure of the German border, and the deportation of migrants.

The town’s government, however, supported German Socialists and the Green party in a counter protest “We are Kandel” by funding a stage for these parties, which was later joined by Antifa activists, from which the protests realized violence.

According to the police, three officers were slightly injured:

Later in the rally, there were several violent left-wing attacks against police officers, so pepper spray and batons had to be used for defence. Three police officers were slightly injured while remaining fit to serve. Around 250 left-wingers had to be stopped for a period of about an hour on the corner of Dierbachweg and Bahnhofstrasse, as out of this group fireworks were thrown at police officers and the emergency services were also attacked.

The German Left continues to advocate for mass immigration of Muslim migrants while concurrently supporting the conflicts and hostilities that have created, and continue to cause, the very unstable conditions that these migrants are fleeing.

Also, at the same time, Leftists go all bleeding heart over Muslims pouring into their cities and neighbourhoods, while insisting on a brand of identity politics that Islam and Middle Eastern culture is essentially the antithesis of. Not only does an uncontrolled immigration bring the instability that the West has created in the Middle East home to the NATO countries that fomented it in the way of conflicting cultural norms and burgeoning crime waves, but it is also breeding a sentiment of political unrest.

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