Was the Ottawa shooting a sting operation?

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Prime Minister Stephen Harper prepared the collective mindset of Canadians for the previously planned invasion of Syria — a war-torn country led by elected President Bashar al Assad(1) — by capitalizing on fear, and the perceived domestic threat of ISIS.

When Michael Zebaf-Bibeau went on a shooting spree in Ottawa on October 22, 2014, the stage was set. The shooting was immediately conflated with ISIS terrorism and Police State Legislation (Bill C-51), now enshrined in law, was expedited to keep the public “safe”.

The official narrative of the shooting was anointed, case-closed, shooter dead, and people asking reasonable questions were neutralized, relegated to the realm of conspiracies and conspiracy theorists.

Just as quickly, Canadian warplanes were dispatched, and Canada is now engaging in a War of Aggression — in contravention of Nuremburg principles (2) — on Syria, with the stated purpose of combating ISIL terrorism, even as recent documentation has surfaced which contradicts the notion that ISIS is the Wests’ enemy in Syria.

A recently declassified US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) (3) document provides clear evidence that ISIS terrorists are “strategic assets”/proxies of the West in Syria. The document states, for example, that “The Salafist, the Muslim Brotherhood, and AQI are the major forces driving the insurgency in Syria” and that “the West, Gulf countries and Turkey support the opposition.” Furthermore, it states “There is the possibility of a declared or undeclared Salafist principality in Eastern Syria…This is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime…”

But concerns have lingered, and “conspiracy”-minded folks were somewhat encouraged when Canadian Senator Mobina Jaffer (4) recently voiced her opinion that the shooting “was not a terrorist attack,” and that “people are laughing at us around the world. This was a young man who had mental issues. I know his mosque, because I helped build it.”

This observation brings us back full circle to C-51, now cemented in law. So-called “dirty tricks”, (5) now legal according to C-51, may well have played a supporting role in the Ottawa shooting. Security operatives may have employed “disruption” tactics to set up Bibeau for a “sting” type operation. If this was the case, then Bibeau, the “target”, would have been duped into committing the crime. The fact that Bibeau was a homeless, clinically mentally-ill drug addict — and therefore very vulnerable – lends credence to this theory.

As professor McMurtry explains in “Canada: Decoding Harper’s Terror Game. Beneath the Masks and Diversions” ,(6) “‘Terrorist’ stops the mind, and ‘jihadist’ locks it in. Harper’s first invocation of the mind-stopper was, as always, strategic. Although blood tests for a substance-abuse driving offense are automatic, none was reported although the videos show every sign of chemical possession. Bibeau too went crazy and was dead with countless bullets through him before any questions could be asked. All such strange coincidences are part of the now familiar covert-state MO.”

As Canadians, we need to take a deep breath and re-examine the incident that served to plunge us deeper into the murky waters of imperial warmongering.

The “terrorists” orchestrating the imperial carnage abroad are all cloaked in mantles of respectability.







By Mark Taliano
Appeared first at Whatsupic


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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R Brandon King
R Brandon King
July 19, 2015

He served the Harper Government’s purpose. Everyone should recall that as the shots rang out in the hallway, our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, hid himself in a Janitor’s closet, and the Foreign Minister, John Baird, tried to hide behind the Speaker’s podium, “blubbering like a baby”. That’s Leadership?

May 30, 2016

How about the most basic paragraphing / whitespacing instead of a blob of letters

Efrem Hug
Efrem Hug
Reply to  kootzie
May 30, 2016

I was about to say the same thing.. awful formatting I can’t read

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