Ukraine’s theatre of conflict expanding? Hungary’s Jobbik party demands protection of Hungarian community in Transcarpathia

Was there any doubt that Ukraine would be carved apart into pieces the minute neocon “superstar” Victoria Nuland decided to overthrow a democratically elected government and start an ethnic purge of Russian speaking people?

With the East of the country refusing to fall under the rule of a US run putsch government and Right Sector neo-nazi’s, it was only a matter of time before the West of the country would also begin rebelling against the lethal Right Sector/Porky cocktail that is now fighting for power in Kiev, in what will soon be a busted and bankrupt US colony.

Job well done Vicky Nuland…next stop US Secretary of State.

Via, translated by Kristina Rus, from the Fort Russ site…

” “Jobbik” expects that the Hungarian government will make every effort to protect the Transcarpathian Hungarian community. This is not a theatre of hostilities in Eastern Ukraine. This is happening two steps from Hungarian settlements in Transcarpathia, in the vicinity of the border. We warned long ago that the “Right sector” is a real threat, and now, alas, it is confirmed”, — said the deputy head of the party, Stephen Sawai.

More analysis via Fort Russ’ KR:

According to earlier reports one of the victims of the shootout in Mukachevo was in fact Hungarian.

Transcarpathia became a part of Ukrainian Socialist Republic in 1945. In some settlements no Russian or Ukrainian is spoken to this day.


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