Ukraine’s real president, US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt visits Transcarpathia to calm the locals

You know trouble is brewing for Poroshenko and Co. in the west of Ukraine when Vicky “cookie monster” Nuland sends Ukraine’s real ruler, US Ambassador Pyatt off to Transcarpathia today to calm down local subjects and dismiss talks of separation.

Post via as translated by Fort Russ.

The diplomat plans to meet with the region’s leaders in Uzhgorod. The ambassador intends to learn the local authorities’ opinion on the situation in the region. There is little doubt the ambassador’s visit is connected with the recent gun battle in Mukachevo.

More comment by J.Hawk, via Fort Russ:

His Royal Highness Sir Pyatt shall deign to breathe the same air as the lowly mortals of a remote province of a Category III vassal! He might not realize this (he probably doesn’t), but trips like that do little to improve the sense, among ordinary Ukrainians, that Ukraine is a sovereign, independent, self-governing country capable of controlling its own destiny.

Which of course it isn’t, but one should at least maintain appearances!

Say, isn’t that Don Quixote in the photo’s backdrop? And do I detect a certain irony in describing him as “Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary”? Just cut to the chase and refer to him as Viceroy. Saves ink and paper.


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