Ukraine’s duffus PM Yatsenyuk wants to help Greece by passing on Ukraine’s formula for success. Not a Joke [Video]


Ok Vicky Nuland’s “man”, how can you help Greece? Let’s think of some ways.

  • Maybe Yats can help Tsipras organize an Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) against the Greek Islands. That may solve some of the VAT Greek Island disputes with the EU.
  • Maybe Yats can consult Tsipras to start bombing some islands, especially those close to Turkey and call it “Turkish Aggression”. That will get Greece some non-lethal weapons from the US and some more “dubious” loans from the EU.
  • Maybe Yats can ask McCain to recommend some State Department employees for key Greek cabinet positions like Finance Minister.
  • How about Yats help Greece increase its debt-to-GDP ratio from 180% to 380% in less than a year.

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