Dumbest Prime Minister on earth! Ukraine’s Yats says he will sue Russia for…wait for it…1 TRILLION DOLLARS

“Meanwhile, in Ukraine’s cabinet of ministers.”

Only in fantasy neo-nazi land…aka Ukraine…do debtors feel like they can dictate terms to creditors.

The US’s number one colony is so out of touch with reality its laughable.

Yat’s latests dumb statement (he has made many over the last year) is the equivalent of someone taking out a $15,000 car loan, bashing up the automobile, discarding parts of the car, and then telling the bank (2 years later) that unless they cut 40% of the principal payment on that loan they will get sued for one million bucks.

Ukraine’s PM is an utter clown. The people who babysit him (Vicky Nuland and Ambassador Pyatt) are no smarter. And the fact that the US deals with clowns like this, just looks so bad and pathetic for America…its all so sad and tragic.

Via Sputnik News Agency…

Speaking before Ukraine’s parliament on Thursday, Yatsenyuk suggested that Russia should accept Kiev’s conditions on the restructuring of its $3 billion sovereign debt, warning that if Russia does not accept conditions proposed by Kiev, it won’t pay anything and will take Russia to court.

“The question of the debt amounting to $3 billion, which Russia must restructure and partially write off, has not been resolved. [By] October 29, we propose that Russia decide for themselves: do they want to accept the conditions that we proposed to all other creditors, or do they believe that they are unique? If they believe that they are unique, we are ready for a legal case with Russia,” Yatsenyuk warned.

Noting that Ukraine is prepared for a “legal war” with Russia, the prime minister bizarrely suggested that “we will demand from Russia more than one trillion dollars over Crimea and Donbass. We are ready to launch a lawsuit on this matter.”

Commenting on Yatsenyuk’s comments, Kremlin press spokesman Dmitri Peskov voiced his surprise over the $1 trillion figure. “Crimea is Russian territory. Donbass is Ukrainian territory. Where did the figure of $1 trillion come from? It’s not clear,” he noted.

Peskov added that the case has absolutely no merit, and that Moscow’s position on Ukraine’s debt repayment has not changed: Kiev must repay its debts in full, and in a timely manner.

Last week, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov noted that Russia and Ukraine could not come to an agreement on the restructuring of Ukraine’s $3 billion sovereign debt, noting that Russia would demand the full repayment of Ukraine’s Eurobonds by December.

In response, Ukrainian Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko noted that she hoped that the IMF would continue to support Kiev with financial loans in the event of non-repayment, despite the organization’s rules that it will not assist countries which have not paid off their debt to sovereign creditors.

Three quarters of Ukraine’s creditors had earlier agreed to write off $3 billion from Ukraine’s $70.5 billion debt, and to restructure another $8.5 billion.


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50 bmg API
50 bmg API
October 17, 2015

This psychopathic Talmudic parasite needs to be kicked in the face repeatedly, just saying…

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