American taxpayer funded Ukraine has its puppet PM “Yats” almost beaten up in the middle of Parliament [Video]

Via Zerohedge…

Yatseniuk was defending his embattled government’s record when lawmaker Oleh Barna walked over to him with a bunch of red roses and then grabbed him around the waist and groin, lifting him off his feet and dragging him from the rostrum.

Members of Yatseniuk’s People Front party waded in, pushing Barna and throwing punches, sparking a brawl in the assembly.

You just can’t make this up.

Classic Zerohedge comments:

SteveNYC: Present day Ukraine – possibly the best example of the most thoroughly corrupt puppet government, puppet representatives, puppet country, puppet policies, mixed with an element of xenophobia, and encouragement to pursue such xenophobia against the best interests of their people and that of their neighbors.

Possibly the best example in history, certainly recently. I know many Ukrainians. Good people, most of them. Come on, have some pride in your country and throw these assholes out!

nevertheless: The same zionist media that controls the US controls them as well. It is hard to get out the truth, when filth like George Soros control the information.

McGruff: Is Joe Biden’s son ok?


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