Anatomy of a mob: The CNN Townhall meeting about the Parkland shooting [VIDEO]

Back-talking kids and parents both refuse to hear information that might actually help prevent further incidents like the ghastly school massacre on Valentine’s Day

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CNN gave a “town hall” event on February 21st in response to the outrage of a great many students and parents over the February 14th massacre that ended the lives of 17 innocent students in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. But this town hall was tailored a bit.

CNN is a notably hard-left leaning cable television network. As such an ideological bent prevails there, it becomes rather difficult for the network to embrace truth when that truth does not agree with the ideology the network lives by and wishes to promote.

But any honest ideological group can easily field questions and attacks without resorting to shouting and mob-tactics to protect its viewpoint. When shouting and name-calling become the level of communication, there is no more communication.

That being said, CNN’s current narrative is actually well-suited by moblike behavior and there was no shortage of it at this town hall event. With a beautiful stage setting in a really nice auditorium with superb camera angles and miking, CNN was able to create a spectacle of outrage as students read clearly scripted questions (not all, perhaps, but many) and parents and students alike too potshots at the likes of Senator Marco Rubio (because he is a Republican, mainly), Representative Ted Deutsch, Senator Bill Nelson, and Sheriff Scott Israel and because this was the chance to humiliate and manipulate anyone who has  opposed gun control on the basis of the Second Amendment.

One more of those up for berating in the televised witch hunt was NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch. Only there was a problem. Dana is a mom, herself, and she appears to be made of iron. So the mouthy teens that were yelling at her did not faze her in the slightest. Here for your enjoyment, are over 11 minutes of an adult in the room.

Now, do not take this thought wrongly. There IS a problem in the United States regarding the ease with which some person who does not have the normal bounds of conscience can go and get a firearm and kill huge numbers of people who did not deserve it. In that I am agreed, 100 percent.

But so was Dana. And so is the NRA. Dana made, repeatedly, the simple point that had there been better handoff – or ANY handoff between state authorities and the national gun registry database, mentally ill or unfit persons would never have been allowed to purchase even one firearm, let alone multiple ones.

But it did not matter for the crowd. The crowd did not want a solution. They wanted revenge, quite simply. They were angry and they wanted someone to pay for what happened.

Again, this is completely understandable given the horrific grief these people are in. But emotion is emotion, and we cannot use it to rationalize more insane behavior.

Dana is a long way towards being correct on this problem. A further opinion I would offer points at, honestly, a need to get back to our roots as a nation of God-fearing believers, instead of a nation where we think God only exists to make us prosperous. I have written more on this matter here.

Still, there is much that even now can be done that preserves the spirit of the Second Amendment while at the same time prevents unstable people from being able to easily destroy other people. The question remains whether or not the American people will persevere through their grief long enough to get down to real, logical, effective discussion.

Think about it – what else can possibly work? What can be done that arrests the damage being done now without causing more? Right now there is not much talk about that. But there definitely needs to be.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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