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AG Barr: "No need" for Hunter Biden Special Counsel

AG Barr: “No need” for Hunter Biden Special Counsel

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AG Barr Sees “No Need” For Special Counsel On Hunter Biden

AG Barr Sees “No Need” For Special Counsel On Hunter Biden

Answering questions during his PanAm 103 terrorist bombing probe press conference, Attorney General William Barr says he sees no reason to appoint a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden. Additionally, Barr confirmed he does not plan to announce any actions on Hunter Biden before leaving DOJ.

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Zen Shaman
December 23, 2020

Guys ive looked all over your website trying to find an email for yall to get this information to you in the hopes you will follow up on this blockbuster story, I hope you see this message, and have the intestinal fortitude to follow up on this and wrap your heads around all this, if you are able to do this, all the dots will be connected, and you will understand everything that has transpired politically, and financially in the past 60 years. this is big, and i pray you will report on this, and get people talking about this!!!… Read more »

T W Huning
T W Huning
December 23, 2020

Bill Barr is part of the big club establishment that wants the outsider, The Donald, gone. He has not been working for the president, but against him.

December 25, 2020

what a chicken this “shorty” is? Shameless!

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