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Acceptable Discrimination: Political Affiliation Bias

The bias against those who are not politically affiliated similarily is the last acceptable form of discrimination. It’s now okay and accepted by the masses, to treat other human beings as less than if they disagree with you on politics.

One new study is showing that most are embracing this type of discrimination with extreme fervor. This study shows discriminatory behavior thrives in the one area where it remains socially acceptable to judge people based on shared attributes: political affiliation. Politics remains one of the few personal characteristics not protected by equal opportunity hiring laws, and if this study is any indication, lawmakers will want to get on top of that quickly.

Belief in certain political values is akin to belief in a religion. It’s all based on opinion and discrimination is still discrimination, even if you label it “politics,” We all know the media has been trying to brainwash us with government-approved opinions for years now, and those who don’t accept their brainwashing willingly are being discriminated against

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December 2, 2019

+1 for the cover photo!

Sally Snyder
Sally Snyder
December 2, 2019

As shown in this article, over the past decade, American society has become increasingly divergent:

This divergence goes a long way to explaining why some Americans are very strong supporters of Donald Trump and why other Americans vilify everything that he does.

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