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Jordan Peterson on why Marxism is attractive despite history’s record [Video]

Jordan Peterson is an extremely astute political scientist. Here he discusses what the attraction of Marxism in the present day is: it is not what you might expect.

In the past, Marxism had primarily economic appeal to those choosing it. A mixture of various tyrannical states, some capitalist, some allegedly power hungry in the same way, could be taken as legitimate points of grievance, where a person could point at the wealth of others and agree with the proposal that Marxism might offer a truly utopian path to some sense of “equality.”

Peterson notes a grisly prediction by no less than Friederich Nietzsche – that the process of trying to implement Marxism would be the catalyst of the destruction of hundreds of millions of innocent lives. It has been so.

What never came was that Utopia. Modern day proponents of Communism often still believe in the Utopian vision, but fault the passions of the Soviet leadership for going “off-course” in both Russia and China, for example; Russia during the Soviet period and China then and now, as China has become a true economic powerhouse while many of her people do not live so well.

But in the West, economically based Marxism / Communism (seen as the same thing by most Westerners, though people here in Russia often make a distinction they think is important), is not attractive.

The reason Communism is not attractive in the West is clear – there is not the abject reality of poverty in places like the United States. There ARE homeless people, but these are not the folks advocating for Communist or Marxist governments. They are not involved in the street riots that have rocked so many cities this last six months. Think about that. The people who are doing the rioting are often college “educated” young millennial adults, most of them white, not black, spurred on by grievance politics as Marxism has morphed into some sort of “social justice” beacon. Money doesn’t inspire revolution for these people; they have enough of that. But the idea of “rising up against social injustice, putting things right (depending on whatever one’s personal definition of right  actually is), this has a great deal of attraction.

It is easy to build up a narrative saying that one side is for repression of justice and the other is for the execution of that “justice.” Oddly enough, the real repressive party as regards social and race-related justice are the Democrats in the United States. The party that advocates equal opportunity for all and lives it more are the Republicans.

But the rhetoric from the aggrieved has it the other way, and it is presently held to with all the fervor of a religion.

Jordan explains this in this segment. We hope you find it useful.

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September 30, 2020

“Marxism would be the catalyst of the destruction of hundreds of millions of innocent lives”, and what is the difference with Capitalism, you mean it didn’t kill “hundreds of millions of innocent lives”?

October 1, 2020

I want to first state that I think Peterson is a hero when it comes to standing up for free speech, both here in Canada and in the world. That being said… It’s hard to know where to start with the errors in Peterson’s argument. Here are a few one might notice. He equates Stalin and Mao with cultural Marxism, when only one thing really links them — they are both Marxist in name only. As an analogy, both the Spanish Inquisition and the Ku Klux Klan claimed to represent Christ, when in fact such pretenders had more in common… Read more »

Reply to  Rob
February 20, 2021

You can tell by how incredibly petty and hateful the current LEFT is that they will be the ones to “get Marxism right” with their benevolence.

October 2, 2020

It’s hard to believe this man is regarded as an authority on a subject about which he clearly has little knowledge. The very fact that he cites ultra-elitist Friedrich Nietsche should be a warning to those assessing his competence on this matter. Jordan declares that the “first communists were the Russians,” somehow failing to acknowledge the varied Marxist-led mass movements throughout the West prior to WWI, the intellectual and political mileau from which the Bolsheviks emerged . One cannot properly assess Marxism without recognizing fact that Marx, for most of his adult life was in effect an agent of British… Read more »

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