5 real news sites you should read

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

From the beginning, The Duran has made a commitment to real news, insightful analysis and reporting on stories ignored by the fake stream media. With the fake streamers trying to smear new media every day, here is a list of other helpful real news sources that are favorites of mine.


RT is in many ways, the mother of new media. From its humble beginnings in 2006, RT has changed the way that millions throughout the world receive their news. Prior to RT, most of the global English language news channels offered a single editorial perspective from the neo-con/neo-lib swamp where ideas go to die.

RT offered fresh perspectives from Russia and beyond, including many opposition figures from the west who have now gone on to achieve electoral success. Nigel Farage, aka Mr. Brexit is just one example of a political opposition figure in the west who RT interviewed freely and fairly at a time when he was on the western media blacklist.

RT continues to produce insightful programming and offers real news to a global audience and now in many languages apart from just English including Arabic, Spanish, Russian, German and French.

–The Ron Paul Institute For Peace and Prosperity/The Liberty Report

Ron Paul may have quit Congress but he is more involved in the political debate than ever before. His Ron Paul Institute website and his Liberty Report videos offer fresh views challenging mainstream American politics from a broadly libertarian and anti-war perspective.

Dr. Paul’s frequent contributions, as well as that of his colleagues and supporters, provides invaluable information on an increasingly popular political perspective from America’s heartland that continues to be ignored by the old failing media establishment.


Sputnik offers news and expert analysis online and on radio/podcasts on issues from around the world. Reporting not only on issues from America, Russia, and China, Sputnik often has experts on discussing internal politics of Middle Eastern countries, the current Balkan crisis, and the Far East, including developments in the Philippines and the South China Sea region.

With frequent updates and original programming, Sputnik is a top choice for real world news.

–The Saker

Reading reports from The Saker often feels like being privy to classified intelligence briefings. With exceptional, original reportage and unique analysis focusing mainly on the post-Soviet world and the west’s interaction with it, The Saker is an invaluable resource for those interested in learning more about the ‘New Cold War’ and what really is happening in Russia.

A truly independent voice, The Saker is often critical of internal Russian policies as well as those from the west.


InfoWars is the platform of Alex Jones, the man that liberals and establishment flunkies love to hate. Falsely derided as a conspiracy theorist, Jones is always very careful in differentiating between his reportage (which often carries breaking stories from the US and beyond), vis-a-vis his opinions and speculation about events.

Jones’s views resonate with millions in America and around the world. Trump’s pre-election interviews with Jones played no small part in galvanizing new-media views to get out and vote for Trump. In the past, many such people either stayed at home or voted for obscure candidates as a ‘protest vote’.

More recently, InfoWars have welcomed contributor Paul Joseph Watson. Watson is well known for his short rants where he mercilessly attacks everything from ‘butt hurt liberals’ to snobbery in modern art, to the decline of western civilization. His unique brand of humor and acerbic criticism of contemporary western culture have made him a favorite among Jones’s loyal audience.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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September 16, 2017

Southfront is pretty good – and RT’s comment section sucks bigtime.

September 16, 2017

Alex Jones pees me off…. he takes 20 minutes to say what he could say in 2.
There’s a whole long splurge about other stuff before he gets to why I opened the video in the first place.

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