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In defence of Paul Joseph Watson: a man of principle (VIDEO)

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

Paul Joseph Watson has come under fire from the ultra-liberal, Russophobic Independent newspaper for the crime of having consistent policy views which override support for an individual political figure.

I’ll state here that while I think that Watson’s output is objectively high quality, I disagree with his characterisation of Islamic terrorism. I would far prefer that he’d say Salifist or Wahhabist terrorism to draw a distinction between an evil, wicked brand of pseudo-Islam and the mainstream, peaceful faith observed by normal Sunnis, Shi’a Muslims, Sufi Muslims and others.

Be that as it may, Watson’s response to Donald Trump’s war crime in Syria has been completely admirable. He has shown himself to be a man who puts principles before personalities. Watson was an ardent Trump supporter but withdrew his personal support because of his opposition to war in Syria.

I found myself in the same position. It is one that values facts, evidence and policy consistency over emotion, fanaticism and blind hero worship.

The simple fact that the mainstream goons and even some alt-media trolls don’t grasp is that when Trump said all the right things, all the good things (no war in the Middle East, Assad isn’t the issue, cooperation with Russia could be positive not sinister), I supported him.

Now that he has done a bad thing, a counter-productive thing, an illegal thing, I judge him by his action and condemn him for it.

It’s really that simple. Trump was never perfect but a war crime of this nature is a red line for me personally. Others may have different red lines, that is their right to draw those lines wherever they wish. Again it’s an elementary concept.

The most amusing part of this is that the liberal media who hate(ed) Trump and still hate Watson, are criticising Watson for being intellectually consistent.

Watson’s response was to an Independent piece where Watson told the TRUTH and admitted that he lost followers for sticking to his position opposing war on Syria.

Watson later revealed again truthfully, that he once again gained new followers shortly thereafter.

In the binary world of fake news liberal media, one cannot follow positions of principle, but outside of the msm bubble, people can and do.

The reality is that Donald Trump crossed a red line with many of his anti-war conservative followers, that does not mean that they won’t still support him on other issues. That being said, the support will likely be cold and clinical rather than enthusiastic and fraternal.

Unlike Paul Joseph Watson and myself, Peter Lavelle of RT’s CrossTalk and The Duran was never a proclaimed Trump supporter. He was a Hillary opponent and gave Trump a chance to prove himself in foreign affairs and other matters.Trump failed this test in respect of foreign affairs, but Lavelle nevertheless made a statement supporting Trump appointed US Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch. The culture wars and the war in Syria are two separate issues, therefore separate opinions is not only acceptable it is normal…unless one is a msm thought-bot.

This is perfectly normal in the world of real human beings who take each issue on its merits. It is only in the eyes of the failing mainstream media that everyone who isn’t a post-modern, globalist liberal is exactly alike. They try to paint people in alternative media as an intellectual monolith who all think the same thing and apparently also all think it at the same time.

NEWSFLASH: We don’t, never have and never will!

The way the mainstream media have tried to slander Paul Joseph Watson for being honest is not only deplorable (in the original meaning of the word), but it hints at a kind of fanaticism which runs throughout the mainstream media.

They expect everyone to be as extreme as they are. They expect everyone to be as tribal as they are. They expect everyone to do as they do and put ideology over policy.

If there is any silver lining in the tragic attack on Syria, it is that it has exposed the mainstream media as being everything they accuse people in alternative media of being; small minded, binary, limited in their worldview, bigoted, loyal to men and women rather than policy and evidence based analysis and ultimately monolithic.

Paul Joseph Watson is to be praised for sticking to his principles. Unlike many in the mainstream media, he clearly has principles and that alone is commendable.

Now watch Paul Joseph Watson calling Trump out over hypocrisy while sticking to his guns.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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