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3 reasons Israel attacked the USS Liberty in 1967

In 1967, Israel fought a war with Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon. In the midst of that war, Israel attacked the USS Liberty in the eastern Mediterranean. 34 US sailors died and 171 were injured, many severely.

The attack is hardly ever discussed by the mainstream media even to this day. While the US and Israel both officially called the event a friendly fire incident, CrossTalk explored why and how the incident was likely a false flag gone wrong (or right depending on one’s perspective).

Several theories were explored by Peter Lavelle’s guests.

1. Targeted Israeli Aggression

Former US Marine and Palestinian citizen/activist Ken O’Keefe described the attack as part of a targeted Israeli scheme to draw the US into a wider regional war, which he described as escalating into a “world war”. Mr. O’Keefe said that this was in line with subsequent Israeli false flags which he discussed during the programme.

2. A Joint False Flag By The US and Israel 

Author Phillip F. Nelson posited that US President Lyndon B. Johnson helped to orchestrate the attack over a number of years in collusion with Israeli authorities in order to paint himself as a ‘war President’ and ultimately win re-election (he ultimately did not run). Mr. Nelson compared this to the infamous Gulf of Tonkin false flag in 1964 which drew the US deeper into the war in Vietnam.

3. Deep State Collusion in Israel OR Israel and the US

Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute of Peace and Prosperity explained how many US Congressmen are deeply disturbed by the power that the Israel lobby has over the political discourse in the United States.

He explained how this has led to people refusing to investigate or even ask questions about the incident.

This leads to the conclusion that it could be conceivably possible that forces within what in hindsight one would call the deep state in both Washington and Tel Aviv conspired against the interests of world peace and of the innocent American sailors on the USS Liberty.

Now watch Peter Lavelle discuss the issue with his guests on the latest CrossTalk. 

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