A beautiful nature getaway in the center of Moscow featuring Alexander Mercouris (VIDEO)

Inside the real places inside the pages of The Master and Margarita

Russia Feed takes you inside the pages of Mikhail Bulgakov’s most famous novel.

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Doug Brown
Doug Brown
July 15, 2017

There is an existential beauty to the Russian people, an astounding lack of guile, a primitive simplicity, a great attractiveness. Russians are what country Black people are in America, earthy, family oriented, not a fake joviality, no unrealism, deeply attuned to their surroundings, real people. They have something a lot of American people have lost. Their soul? That spark of what makes a person authentic. God bless their city park. In the same breath you admire them you feel a tinge of sorrow for them; God, what the Russian people have been through in their immediate 100 year history.

July 15, 2017

Thank you for sharing Alexander!

Walter Dublanica
July 15, 2017

Thank you for the video. Your work is very good in letting Americans know that Russians are O.K. and not what is spewed out in the American media.

Dennis Morrisseau
July 15, 2017

OK…….would love to read….but this AIN’T “Central Park” [in NYCity]

July 17, 2017

Again so concise and so well rounded up and informative. Big thanks ! (Please no sunglasses)

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