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Donald Trump expects positive dialogue with Russia after Davos summit

President Trump uses the Davos Economic Forum to promote the “America First” economic theme, expresses hope to normalize relations with Russia as domestic turmoil fades

As the false narrative about the “Russia-gate” debacle winds down, the American president is coming to life about repairing the relationship with the Russian Federation.

President Trump was asked by a TASS reporter about whether or not he intends to build a dialogue with Russia. Trump’s response was simple and direct: “We hope so.”

At the Davos World Economic Forum, President Trump spoke about his acumen as a businessman, and the way he has been able to turn failing enterprises into successful ones.  With great humor but also great respect, he discussed the direction the American nation is headed now, contrasted with what it likely would have been, had Hillary Clinton been elected president in 2016.

He spoke factually and directly about the successes achieved, and the fact that there is work to be done.  Describing himself as a “Cheerleader” for the United States, he said “It’s easy, because I love our country, and we’re doing very well…”

In this context the relationship with Russia is a necessary next step of something to be fixed. Russian President Vladimir Putin noted earlier in January that Moscow stands ready to normalize ties with Washington, but in his words, “the domestic political situation in the United States has not calmed down.”

While there is still a great amount of political churn in the USA about the Mueller investigation, it does appear clear that there was no interference with the American election from any elements in the Russian government.

As the shakeout of this investigation fingers what has been termed the “deep state” more and more, as well as that deep state’s alignment with the Democrat party and the political establishment, it appears more and more clear that the time for repairing a very damaged relationship with Russia has come.

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