You think anti-Christian sentiment is bad in the US? Try the United Kingdom

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson uncovers EXTREME anti-Christian bias as parts of Europe continue to reject their almost 2000 year old traditional basis

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The Thought Police are alive and well in England. According to the authorities of the United Kingdom, Conservative Christians threaten multiculturalism. Fox News reported that Britain refused to allow right-wing journalists and bloggers to enter its territory, but welcomed the return of hundreds of jihadists from the Middle East.

The United Kingdom does not allow conservatives to enter its territory, claiming that they can somehow threaten cultural diversity in the country.

Last weekend, American Brittany Pettibone, known for her YouTube channel, and her Austrian boyfriend, were not admitted to the UK, due to the fact that they planned to interview Tommy Robinson, an open critic of Islam.

Then on Monday the British police detained and prevented the Canadian journalist Lauren Southern from the country, arguing that Southern is a “radical Christian” and, therefore, may be a terrorist.

Meanwhile, radical Muslims, more than 400 former ISIS fighters, presumably returned to the UK without any problems. Moreover, they were greeted with open arms. In a video interview, shown above, Kate Hopkins of The Rebel, shares her thoughts with Fox host Tucker Carlson:

This is total insanity, Tucker. I do not even have enough words. If you ask normal Britons and Britons on the street, they just shake their heads: ‘What the country has come to!’ We cordially let the mad mullahs and jihadists back, after they committed their jihad in Iraq or Syria. And, by the way, jihadists are not such good ones: it’s necessary, like, to blow themselves up. If you come back – probably, your jihad is not very successful!

“And we refuse to let in the conservatives who just want to support Christian conservatism. Our Interior Ministry sided with the Islamists in Luton (a city in the UK where Lauren Southern distributed provocative leaflets to Muslims.) It looks like we have new laws on blasphemy in the UK, and we did not know, and they are very much watching the observance of these laws!

“Laws of blasphemy, punishing Christians, but not Muslims. But what is the reason? You know that over the centuries Great Britain sent Anglican missionaries to all corners of the world to spread Christianity. And they spread it. And now exactly the same people are simply not allowed into the country, but they let members of ISIS! What motivates them to do this? Why such a change, such an attitude?

“There is such an omnipresent idea, common among liberals, Labor … Democrats, if you like. And among the conservatives. At us now, you will not believe, the conservative government! Apparently, it is believed that it is wrong to be white, it is wrong to be a Christian. Trump is wrong. And there is a list of “correct”: to be an Islamist is right, to let jihadists back – right. “Do not judge them, we must greet them!”. And it comes to the fact that here, in the UK, we are becoming an endangered species. For example, I, a white Christian conservative, belong to an endangered species. Just like a black rhinoceros. And then, the black rhino has an advantage: he is at least black!

(There is much more in the video, but this is a strong set of statements, so we wanted to indicate them in writing.)

Now, the United States is not quite as far as this, but it was getting close under Obama’s presidency. We can remember the classification of Christians as “terror agents.” We can remember the bigotry of the Lavender Army as it methodically attacked traditionally Christian people to cow them into submission to “progressive” ideals.

Christians and people who have held traditional and very ancient faiths certainly do not need to be violent towards liberals – that is against Christian teachings in itself. But we certainly ought not be cowed by these people. They scream and howl and try to silence us, but we can beat them by simply being fearless, and being who we are.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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