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Yes, Joe Biden actually said this, so why complain? [Video]

One wonders how many people looking at this cover picture are freaking out over it. RACIST!!! They will say. They may even address our publication and myself for being so “offensive” as to have posted this “horrible” photo. But wait a second – what if we told you that this is simply based exactly on what Joe Biden actually says?

This is the truth. This picture was penned by an artist who was simply demonstrating visually what Joe Biden himself actually said.

This piece was carried a while back by Thomson Reuters and this is what was written:

MELBOURNE, Aug 14 (Reuters) – A cartoon in Australia’s biggest national newspaper drew condemnation on Friday as being racist for portraying U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden describing his new running mate, Kamala Harris, as “this little brown girl.”

The cartoon by Johannes Leak in Rupert Murdoch’s The Australian newspaper, known for its conservative views, depicted a beaming Biden saying Harris, the first Black woman on a major-party national ticket, would help “heal a nation divided by racism” while he went “for a lie-down.”

“It’s offensive and racist,” Andrew Giles, an Australian Labor politician and shadow cabinet minister, said on Twitter.

Former attorney-general Mark Dreyfus tweeted, “If The Australian has any respect for decency and standards it must apologize immediately, and never again publish cartoons like this.”

But The Australian’s editor-in-chief, Christopher Dore, stood by the cartoon, saying Leak was mocking Biden’s own words.

“The words ‘little black and brown girls’ belong to Joe Biden, not Johannes, and were uttered by the presidential candidate when he named Kamala Harris as his running mate yesterday; he repeated them in a tweet soon after,” Dore said in a note to the newspaper’s staff, provided to Reuters by Murdoch’s News Corp.

Biden had tweeted on Thursday, regarding his choice of Harris as his vice presidential candidate: “This morning, little girls woke up across this nation — especially Black and Brown girls who so often may feel overlooked and undervalued in our society — potentially seeing themselves in a new way: As the stuff of Presidents and Vice Presidents.”

The Democrats think that the solution to “systemic racism” is to call attention to it. They never yet have learned what Morgan Freeman talked about with regards to racism: When you talk about people being racist, that person being racist is usually… you!

He addresses this with none other than shameless Don Lemon of CNN in an interview back in 2014. His comments about race begin after about the one minute mark.

But poor old Joe, feebleminded as he is, is nonetheless completely in the tank on racism. He IS racist because for him, what people look like makes a difference. For non-racists, it stops at “that is what that person looks like. Great.” There is no racism in acknowledging what is unique about any person, race, creed, hairstyle, sex, whatever. We are all created in the image and likeness of our Creator God, but his way of doing this is not to have everybody look exactly the same. All of us bear the image of God.

In the words of C.S. Lewis,

“You come of the Lord Adam and the Lady Eve,” said Aslan. “And that is both honour enough to erect the head of the poorest beggar, and shame enough to bow the shoulders of the greatest emperor on earth. Be content.”

The Democrats cannot talk about things like Adam and Eve, let alone Christ, so they are woefully trapped in the far less peaceful realm of “social justice”, which is basically trying to solve the unsolvable (without Christianity we are left with people trying to play God, which never works), but Morgan Freeman points out that you cannot be a slave unless you are a party to it; unless you agree to it. Similarly, you cannot do grievance politics without assenting to and agreeing to it.

Now for me, there is nothing racist in this picture at all, other than that Mr. Biden cannot seem to get it out of his head to not say things like that. But even so, the problem these days is hypersensitivity to the times. To defend Mr. Biden, I am pretty sure he does not consider Kamala Harris as “less than” or “inferior to” himself because of her skin color. That would be a total surprise to me if he did. And to be completely fair to this poor old man, his biggest problem is not saying things like this, his biggest problem is doing it in a time when people have trained themselves to think that this is some sort of a problem.

That is far more worrisome to me. But I am not going to worry too much about it. Next on my to-watch list, Blazing Saddles. A black sheriff, a Jewish guy doing something or other (besides directing the film), and some off-color humor. What could possibly be better than to have a sense of humor about the silly things we think about in life. Race is one of the silliest and most insignificant issues. You cannot change what you are. I am going to stay the color I am too. But I am not grieving it like this man did… (sarcasm)

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September 25, 2020

wrong state, Morgan

comment image

John Ellis
September 26, 2020

After the police murder of Breonna Taylor in Louisville Kentucky, what could be more perfect to shame the democrat Mayor and democrat Governor into defunding the police than for the republican Attorney General to be so corrupt as to turn Louisville into a criminal police ruled city. 

Motley Crue
Motley Crue
Reply to  John Ellis
November 21, 2020

Police didn’t murder that stupid bitch taylor her boyfriend did he opened fire on police after they announced themselves and she was wide awake in his interview he said they both got dressed ..and in his initial interview with police he actually said she opened fire on police not him ..then he changed his story . So don’t give me that bullshit ..she was a thug she dated thugs her house was a trap house she was a low life nasty fat bitch ratchet ..she got what she deserved…the police did nothing wrong they need to get rid of more… Read more »

M droy
M droy
September 28, 2020

Morgan Freeman also said
“for 241 years our democracy has been a shining example of what we can all aspire to.”
Yes a black african American actually said that.
Not sure he is worth taking quotes from.

Motley Crue
Motley Crue
Reply to  M droy
November 21, 2020

He’s smarter than you’ll ever be it’s sickening you pieces of shit think your oppressed your not you run around committing crime all day whining about racism when your the racists it’s pathetic’s not our fault your a low iq moron and refuse to do anything except bitch bitch and steal steal act like people owe u something no one owes u a damn thing ..u should listen to.morgam freeman and stop listening to scumbag low life terrorists like blm. .or go ahead be nothing your whole life die a gang banger it something whining about fake racism… Read more »

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