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Whistleblower Jesse Morgan Speaks About The Election


Got Freedom?

Whistleblower Jesse Morgan’s Story

Jesse Morgan’s life was changed on Oct 21st

Jesse is an experienced truck driver who was going about his normal route. But this particular day was different, because his truck was loaded with mail-in ballots. These ballots were marked and ready for counting. And Jesse transported them -across three state lines, from New York to Pennsylvania.

Here is footage from his testimony.

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David Bowlas
David Bowlas
December 6, 2020

Much respect to that man who has put his livelihood on the line in spite of those who would destroy his family for telling the truth. And we all should support him, but the media and their over paid talking heads don’t give a Sh## …

Reply to  David Bowlas
December 7, 2020

Oh, he’s just one of those deplorables doing what deplorables do.

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