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Western Political Impotence

The West has lost its dominance over rival civilizations and we are facing a cold war with the giant in the east, China. We are struggling with domestic challenges in the form of economic shocks due to the Corona pandemic, but also destructive political conflicts not seen since the sixties. The latter is by many cha…

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Craig Watson
October 6, 2020

” … domestic challenges in the form of economic shocks due to the Corona pandemic …” Well, like so many authors and humans who failed to inform themselves and think for themselves, this author also blames destruction of the USA on a cold virus instead of where the blame lies: the deep state’s lock downs that destroyed our lives and nation, not some trivial cold virus. Covid-19 was and is merely a convenient excuse to distract from their total destruction of the USA by last Fall with their corruption. The collapse of the USA was coming so this was a… Read more »

Olivia Kroth
Reply to  Craig Watson
October 7, 2020

Hello Craig, you wrote an interesting comment. I think you are both right, you and the author. It is surely, as you wrote, the deep state who is undoing your country, it is also the coronavirus – some say, this was a deep state invention too, some sort of new biological weapon that turned against its inventor. Frankenstein is coming home to destroy himself and his brood ….

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