Vladimir Putin the ‘Guiding Star’ shines bright in Russian election pop song [Video]

Russia’s top celebrities appear in a pop video in support of Putin in coming election

In this stunning video, some of Russia’s best pop stars want to remind Russians to get out there, and vote for Russia’s “Guiding Star”, the incumbent Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin on March 18th.

Celebrities featured in the video include Eurovision winner and pop star Dima Bilan, singer Grigory Leps, and rapper Timati, and they’re all encouraging Russians to vote for Putin. It seems their song was a bit of a prophecy, as according to preliminary results – Putin’s victory shines across all Russia like a shooting star.

The video, first appeared on the “Putin Team” VK page and has been viewed over 11 million times so far.

The Moscow Times has posted some of the lyrics:

“Our ship sails with pride towards the wind and waves, and will not be veered off course by storms and rain.”

“The ocean of life can be difficult, but our native shores keep us safe.”

“Out of a million stars, only one is true, only one is visible: the guiding star.”

“We are stronger together, if the guiding star is with us, showing us the way.”

The rap portion of the song goes on to say:

“Let these lyrics fly around the country, it’s time to do something, instead of sitting in silence.”

“Make a choice, double the success, play for a strong team.” [Editor’s note: In Russian, the word for “choices” is also the word for “elections.”]

The “Putin Team” movement was founded in November 2017 by NHL hockey star Alexander Ovechkin. It’s ranks now include some of Russia’s best and brightest.

For those of you who aren’t really into Pop, may I suggest another equally worthy song – God save the Czar and the ‘Guiding Star’!

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