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How many Crimeans voted for Vladimir Putin?

How many Crimeans voted for Vladimir Putin?

The Russian Elections were held symbolically on the crux of the fourth anniversary of the reunification of Crimea with the Russian Federation; according to Dmitry Kiselyov, Russia’s number one news anchor, international observers have already confirmed that 92% of Crimeans voted for Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin – so much for the Russian invasion myth.

The video shows the Crimean reality compared to the myths propagated by western corporate media. Much respect to Dmitry Kiselyov.

Crimea is not a part of a tiny Eastern European nation with an even smaller economy, it is one of the most beautiful and ancient regions of one of the most powerful countries in the world.

Sudak, Crimea

In the video, you will get to experience many aspects of vibrant Crimean, and you’ll maybe even want to visit the beautiful peninsula. For those of you interested in Greek history, have you heard of the ancient Greek city of Chersonesus, which in fact means, Peninsula, located not far from Sevastopol?

It was there, the history of Holy Russia began, with the baptism of Saint Vladimir, which later resulted in the entire country being baptized. This is how Russia become Orthodox? Would it surprise you to see ruins, like those in Greece, Rome, and Palmyra, in Russia…if so, check out this article on our sister site Hellenic Insider.

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Salt lakes in Crimea

Above all, it is a major insult to the fools who believe Crimea was invaded by Russia, to find that Crimeans are rejoicing, voting for Putin, and building statues of their “invaders”, referred to as “Polite people” in Crimea.

If you don’t believe me, then come and see.

Vladimir Vladimirovich outside the Church of Saint Vladimir in old Kherson (Khersonisos, not to be confused with modern Kherson, Ukraine, located where Crimea touches Ukraine. Old Kherson is near modern Sevastopol, where the Baptiser of all Rus’ and High King of Kiev was baptized.
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