US will NOT impose sanctions on Russia in the near future – Russian Foreign Ministry

Trump refused to authorize sanctions Nikki Haley previously announced

Detente at last!?! Well..maybe…ok…probably not, but it’s a start. In a move likely humiliating for Niki Haley, Sputnik reports that President Donald Trump has refused to impose new sanctions against Russia, like those she announced a week prior.

Current sanctions will, of course, remain in place, but Trump has reportedly canceled any further measures at this time. Sputnik reports:

Following the announcement of new anti-Russia sanctions by US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley last week, President Donald Trump has reportedly decided to delay new measures against Russia.

The Russian embassy in the US has received notification from the Trump administration that there will be no new anti-Russia sanctions in the near future, a source in the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

“I confirm that the Russian embassy has been notified that there will be no new sanctions in the near future,” the source said.

On April 15, Nikki Haley said US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin would announce new sanctions the following day, but media reports later said Trump decided not to give his final authorization for the measures.

A senior US administration official said the sanctions had been developed as part of a comprehensive plan for potential military and economic measures that Trump could take against Damascus and Moscow.

The US, along with other Western states, has accused the Syrian government of an alleged chemical attack in Douma earlier in the month and slammed Moscow and Tehran for backing Damascus. In response to the alleged incident, the United States, the United Kingdom, and France launched strikes against a number of targets in Syria on Saturday.

The alleged chemical attack in Douma was exposed to be a false flag, just like those prior, however, this time there was little evidence of any attack occurring whatsoever. The primary evidence for the “chemical attack”, came from a group notorious for staging fake chemical attacks, as we discussed in this article.

One can only hope Trump’s announcement is a sign that he has come to terms with this, and is seeking to better relations with Russia. Only time will tell…but we at RussiaFeed will keep you informed.

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