French President claims he’s ‘equal to Putin’ – immediately gets shredded on Twitter

Macron bombed Syria to prove he’s tough like Putin – that’s not psychotic at all

French President Emmanuel Macron felt the need to remind Journalists that he’s Vladimir Putin’s equal…and how does he do that…by bombing Syria of course! Because that totally represents a man without any form of impotency issues whatsoever. It also inspires in a reasonable individual, the serious question as to whether or not Macron has a Napoleonic inferiority complex?

According to Sputnik International, Macron felt the need to demonstrate his perceived dominance – in other words: his desperate attempt to remain relevant – before French Journalists when discussing Syria. He believes himself to be Putin’s equal with regards to the situation in Syria, and was quoted by Sputnik as saying:

“By the way, Putin understands me. And I decided to strike Syria in order to convey to Putin that we are also part of this,”

Ipse dixit, as we say in Latin: Macron said it himself. He exposed that his true reason for striking Syria was not a chemical attack, but rather his desire to remain relevant on the world stage, and measure up to Putin.

Interestingly enough, Sputnik mentioned that the French President was sharing a drink with journalists at the time; one wonders if that was the cause for not only his bravado, but if it caused him to betray a less “humanitarian” motive for bombing innocent Syria.

Of course, Macron would deny this was the reason, and insist he struck Syria in response to chemical weapons use, however that narrative was exposed as a false flag supported by the UK.

Still, as always, there is no accountability for such things, but that didn’t stop Twitter users from ridiculing Macron:

In an Orwellian twist oh-so-common to Modern Politics, Macron went as far as to say he believed his strike on Syria, in coordination with his western colleagues “will lead to peace in Syria.” That is very fascinating, for as much as they make fun of Americans, France is embracing the American tradition of “carpet bombing for world peace”.

He reasoned that the attack would bring peace, because he claimed France helped strike Syria’s non-existent chemical weapons labs. It’s been a while since we’ve heard that kind of circular logic:

It seems Trump and Macron took a lesson from Barrack Hussien Obama. This tweet from French expert Xavier Moreau, who often appears on RT’s Crosstalk with Peter Lavelle says it all:

It is truly a shame that the French President may feel so inferior to Vladimir Putin, that he possibly felt the need to bomb a country in order to prove they’re equals.


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