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Ukrainian authorities scored a goal before the start of Euro 2020

We can say that the Ukrainian leadership has suffered another setback in the foreign policy field. The European Football Union ordered the Ukrainian Football Federation to remove the slogan “Glory to the Heroes!” from the football uniform. This was done at the request of the Russian Football Union which means the country’s leadership which also demanded to remove the outline of the map with the Crimea peninsula from the uniform. Thank God – nothing happened! We can say they got by with the minimum wage. We lost by one goal. But the sediment still remained.

Heroes were demanded to be removed. No matter how it sounds. UEFA considered that the slogan “Glory to the Heroes!” in addition to the slogan “Glory to Ukraine!” carries a clear political implication, which is contrary to the organization’s regulations. It is troubling that this subtext was revealed by European football officials after Moscow’s appeal.

And if, after the matches played by the Ukrainian national team, UEFA officials, under pressure from russian dollars, decide that the remaining elements have political overtones? And will they annul the results of our national team’s matches? Maybe this? Unlikely, but …

Who stood up for our national team, which symbolizes the whole country? That’s right – ordinary citizens who attacked the official website and official pages on UEFA social networks criticizing this decision and demanding to leave the form unchanged. However, this counterattack did not achieve success.

Officials of Ukraine? Silence!As is often the case, they went on the defensive. This problem and even infringement of the country’s national interests could have been voiced by many: from the Foreign Ministry to the president. But they kept silent. Another fiasco of the Ukrainian government. Not the most serious thing. But such little things make up a whole, which is currently not very good in our country …

I would like to believe that Ukrainian footballers will respond to these directional actions ofUEFA officials with their excellent play on the field. I am sure that in case of success, all those who have not done anything for this will immediately join him.

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June 12, 2021

You mean Ukraine has scored an own goal, and they’re not even on the field yet. What do you expect when your manager is a Jewish midget ex-comedian. The book of great Jewish Sportsmen is very small, don’t you know!

June 12, 2021

Dems are always cleaning up after rightwards’ messes. Roosevelt, Obama, Biden are only three samples of Democrats literally saving the USA from going under because of rightwing greed, selfishness, corruption and incompetence…

June 14, 2021

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