Popular Turkish soap opera depicts Greeks torturing Turks

While Turkey continues to hold two Greek soldiers captive, Turkish propaganda reaches new heights

While Turkey continues to hold two Greek soldiers captive following their capture and arrest on March 1 after they allegedly strayed into Turkish territory, a popular Turkish soap opera is being used as a propaganda weapon against Greece.
“Vatanim Sensin” (“You Are My Country”) is drawing big ratings on Turkey’s Kanal D and, as is common practice with Turkish soap operas, is exported worldwide, being broadcast in over 50 countries.
This soap opera takes place in the turbulent Smyrna (now Izmir) of 1919 and depicts a Turkish soldier who is embedded within the Greek army as a spy. Captured by the Greeks, he is tortured and sentenced to death.
Turkey habitually uses its soap operas as a propaganda weapon, exporting these productions to television stations worldwide, apparently at no cost, in order to disseminate Turkish positions and revisionist history, as well as to promote Turkey as an attractive destination for tourists.
Greek broadcasters have, for over a decade now, taken a liking to Turkish soaps, often broadcasting such productions in prime time, with at least three Turkish soap operas presently airing in Greece. For the time being, however, “Vatanim Sensin” has not made it to the Greek airwaves…

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