Erdogan flashes ultranationalist gesture of the "Grey Wolves" during speech

The mad sultan once again reveals his true colors while stating belief in “martyrdom”

Once again, Turkish president Tayip Erdogan could not resist putting his true colors on display for the world to see.
In a speech in the town of Mersin, in South Turkey, as part of a meeting of the ruling AKP, Erdogan flashed the characteristic hand gesture of the ultranationalist, neo-fascist, and virulently anti-Greek Grey Wolves. The hand gesture represents a wolf’s head.
During his speech, an unhinged Erdogan also spoke in favor of “martyrdom”:

When it is time to order the mobilization, I will join first and then all of you, because we believe in martyrdom.

To top it all off, during the meeting in Mersin, another AKP official is said to have made the “Rabia sign” with his hand, a gesture used by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt as a symbol of “resistance.”

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