Tucker Carlson Tonight nails it! Explains why liberal men champion feminism (Video)

Some hard red pill truth from Tammy K. Bruce.

American radio host, author, and political commentator, Tammy Bruce went on Tucker Carlson Tonight to drop some amazing truths that every red piller knows but never hears discussed on a major mainstream media outlet.

Bruce discussed the latest sex scandal rocking journalist Charlie Rose, new allegations against Sen. Al Franken and why liberal women are all of a sudden turning on the Clintons after 25 years of silence.

It’s amazing to watch beta men (who as youngsters never could “get the girl”), all of sudden find that, after landing in positions of power and fame, the feminist causes they used to get closer to the women folk are no longer providing the cover they enjoyed for the last two decades.

Meanwhile the very sharp Mark Steyn followed Bruce’s red pill bombs to reveal that the Democrats all knew what Bill Clinton was doing, and never had a problem with it as far as the power and money kept flowing from the Clinton mafia into their pockets.

Hillary Clinton laments that Bill Clinton never would have become president if Fox News had been around, which means that Bill Clinton may never have been in such power positions to rape and assault so many women.

If only Fox News were around in the Clinton days…many a soul may have been saved from Bubba’s cigars.

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Scott Robinson
Scott Robinson
November 22, 2017

Prince Charming of Chappaquiddick is no longer around to face any accusers, but Bubba may be in for a very hot time.

Scott Robinson
Scott Robinson
November 22, 2017

PS: The movie “Chappaquiddick” will be released in the USA on 6 April 2018.

November 23, 2017

FRAUD, FRAUD, FRAUD. #WeDoNotConsent #WeDoNotConsent #WeDoNotConsent
Feminism? Stick a fork in it.
Bruce and Tucker say, “a lot of it is common sense”…except there seems so little common sense to go around now that men have been cucked and women are bitter feminazis.
Hilarious for Hitlary to talk about the body politics immune system having been “impaired”. SHE SHOULD KNOW. When she spoke of “deplorables” she meant those who stand in her way and the way of those who wish to further subjugate the world to their ‘one world’ agenda. Hey, Hitlary! How is that body count coming along??

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