Sexual assault hysteria is dangerous and bound to backfire on the liberal left (Video)

The effort to stop sex harassment has turned dark.

Tucker Carlson discusses the latest sexual assault hysteria with radio host and author Mark Steyn.

The latest high-profile sexual misconduct scandals that have now hit PBS host Tavis Smiley and a Kentucky lawmaker who then committed suicide.

Steyn notes that, “50 year careers vaporized in 24 hours.”

The left has “now weaponized sex the way they have weaponized race.”

Social relations will become impossible as men will ask “do I really want to really be alone with this woman?”

Who knows what she will claim in 20 years.

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john vieira
john vieira
December 16, 2017

Actually, a recent case highlights the problem…if things go their way everything is great…but if not…it becomes rape…good thing the defendant kept ALL his e mails…despite all the evidence that he was actually ‘stalked’ at times and was seldom the ‘initiator’ the “butch” lawyers were adamant that he was somehow “guilty” of ????…you got it …”rape”….Might as well put them in ‘burkhas’ and slap them around…problem solved…

Georgian snipers say they’re willing to testify in Maidan massacre trial

Police say kissing under the mistletoe without consent is ‘rape’