Tammy Bruce tells Tucker Carlson, “Feminist movement clearly has been a fraud all these decades” (Video)

Hillary Clinton and Jane Fonda have no shame or connection to reality.

Hillary Clinton says the accusations against her sexual predator husband (and former POTUS) Bill Clinton is “old news”.

Hillary wishes people would stop talking about Harvey Weinstein (and her hubby Bill) and focus on “sexual assaulter” POTUS Trump.

Meanwhile, Jane Fonda is ‘ashamed’ because she knew about Weinstein for years and said nothing. We wonder why?

Tucker Carlson and Tammy Bruce destroy Hillary Clinton, Jane Fonda, and the liberal left hypocrisy which constantly lectures the world on feminism and rape…expressing fake outrage at POTUS Trump’s locker room talk…

“It’s all been a fraud, of making people look at a shiny object (at Donald Trump), when in fact everything they were complaining about was happening in their own home

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Scott Robinson
Scott Robinson
October 16, 2017

Exactly the hypocritical tripe to be expected from Hanoi Jane and the Witch of Chappaqua.

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