COWARD: Hillary Clinton releases short tweet condemning BFF Harvey Weinstein via her Press Secretary

CNN threw Hillary under the bus, saying she is scared of reliving Bill Clinton’s sexual assault past.

Even CNN is criticizing Hillary Clinton for her very delayed response to the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault.

The sky must be falling. Via The Gateway Pundit

In a head-scratching segment, CNN host of “New Day,” Alisyn Camerota, worried Hillary Clinton condemning embattled Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein would be too “dicey,” because of her husband Bill Clinton’s past.

Camerota: “So David Chalian, is this too dangerous a territory for Hillary Clinton to speak out about?”

Chalian: “No! I actually don’t understand this at all.”

Camerota: “Well, because her husband was accused of things and so it gets into very dicey territory for her to condemn it so strongly, against Harvey Weinstein, and people say, why didn’t you ever speak out for the victims of Bill Clinton?”

Chalian and David Gregory call Clinton and Obama’s silence on the controversy hypocritical and “unconscionable.”

After five ling days, Hillary Clinton broke her silence on the sexual harassment charges surrounding her BFF, hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

Clinton released a pathetic 38 word statement on Harvey’s sexual deviance, via twitter and via her aide Nick Merrill.

In other word, Hillary was too afraid to personally release the statement!

“I admire Hillary Clinton’s courage to have her press sec. tweet that out instead of herself,” mocks Fox News’ Stephen Miller.

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