Tucker Carlson: hysteria on the left hits new heights (VIDEO)

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The chronicling of the American political situation continues to fascinate and in some cases, alarm and terrify those who study the United States, and President Trump.

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There appear to be three or four major “sides” evident in the American political / social theatre:

Group 1: The enraged Democrat / Liberal contingent: These are the people who were crying when Hillary lost the 2016 presidential elections. They are the ones that patronize CNN and MSNBC and any publication or network that shares the similar point of view: “Donald Trump should not have happened. Something has gone seriously wrong in the Universe for this to happen.”

Their behavior is often nonsensical as Tucker Carlson outlines in his video clip here below:

Group 2: The establishment Democrats and Republicans, among which include the Neo-cons, Neo-libs and any other “neo” that wants to preserve the post WWII world order without reference to modern conditions.*

This is given an asterisk (*) because the interpretation of this is actually very subjective. Russia became “the problem” for these people in 2013. In 2012, Barack Obama scorned Mitt Romney for saying that Russia was the biggest threat to the security of the world. In a way he was right, because Russia has displayed no aspirations towards being a threat to anyone except maybe ISIS.

While Russia is in no way bent on expansion or conquest, it is dedicated to keeping its own traditions, and President Putin made it very clear to the West that he is not interested in seeing Russia follow the same path as the West.

It is logically this group that forms the driving force of Russiagate, and in the sense that they are appealing to the idea of getting rid of the American president, they have allies with group number 1. This strange alliance of liberals and so-called conservatives, better known as “the establishment” overall is notoriously myopic, of course, with no description known as to what to do should they succeed in removing the President from office.

It is in fact likely that the plan is to let the election process remove him, first in 2018 with the midterm Congressional elections acting as a referendum on the President and his policies, and as a potential wall to obstruct the implementation of any of those policies. If the Senate swings to the Democrat party as the majority, this will certainly happen. If the House moves Democrat, impeachment proceedings will certainly begin probably basing themselves on one or more charges like those discussed at this link.

It makes no difference that there is simply no cause at all to press for impeachment, as the President has committed no high crimes or misdemeanors of any kind since being in office, though the accusations listed in the above linked piece try to make a case.

A further “lost thought” in this is that if by some amazing effort, President Trump were to be removed, then Mike Pence would become President. He is at least as conservative as Mr. Trump is, and while he has indeed been part of politics for a long time, his own strict conservatism means it is quite likely that he will not be a help for these groups in achieving their agendas. They may be banking on the idea that Mr. Pence is not of the same nature as the President, and not as willing to punch back at every attack.

Group 3 is of course, the base that supports the president and his policies. As a group they remain strongly vilified, as the hysteria of the Hillaryites has apparently not learned anything, and is now attacking the Trump supporting base itself. Apparently the “basket of deplorables” message that landed Mrs. Clinton in some hot water is a rhetorical point that is actually believed by the coastal city Democrats, enough that they believe they have the right to alienate that part of the country where most of its food comes from.

The narrative in the nation is that the Democrats will win the midterm elections. But in 2016, the narrative was that Hillary Clinton would win the White House. In 2016 nearly every polling agency and media outlet expected this outcome. Nearly every one of them was wrong.

This is not a fact that can provide security for Trump supporters and conservatives to assume that the 2018 midterms are in the bag for the Trump team. Far from it. But given the severe climate of angst and anger against the President (this report describes how a Trump supporter – was utterly lambasted in Portland for showing her support of the President and his policy)

In all this, there is no clear answer as to the expected outcome of the 2018 midterms. For a while it was trumpeted that the Democrats were clearly in the lead, then this idea faded, and now it seems to have re-emerged. As to its factual basis, one can only guess.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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September 5, 2018

In politics, “left” used to mean left of center. Now it apparently means left of the GOP. Every time I hear people like Clinton or Maddow referred to as “leftists” it makes me want to puke! In today’s USA, Barry Goldwater would be called a leftist.

Ralph Conner
Ralph Conner
September 5, 2018

I don’t think so, Tucker. I’ve certainly seen nothing from them even close to the stone cold lunacy of Chuck’s ‘1,000 years of darkness video.’ Perhaps you’re being wishful. Seriously though, enjoy it while it lasts. You deserve it. The Left, (including me) certainly enjoyed seeing Rove melt down on Faux News on election night. All too soon, the Deep State’s going to give it to the Left again and you know it. That’s they way the manipulate us. If they even let us have the illusion of elections, anymore.

September 5, 2018

> “Trump is literally Nero while the west burns.”

lol .. I think someone doesn’t have a grasp of the meaning of “literally”.

Rex drabble
Rex drabble
September 5, 2018

America,,,The degenerate country that wants the world to worship it as a GOD.
Its great to see it fall to pieces before my eyes.A civil war would be good to watch.

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