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The Second American Civil War, Part II: Strategy of the Blues [Video]

Everything that America ever stood for is under attack. This is no longer rhetoric. Inaction has brought this upon us.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

President Trump is definitely a traditional, Christian, law-and-order kind of guy. A progressive he is not, though he is remarkably pragmatic. For all of his (hopefully) first term Donald Trump has been a man under siege from the Left, which has wielded all of its power in ever-greater levels of attack. The Blues have been after him in this new Civil War, doing everything imaginable to separate Trump’s supporters from Trump. Now, those attacks have taken the following forms over the years:

  1. Russiagate: alleged “collusion with the Russian Federation” to interfere with the 2016 votes.
  2. The Steele Dossier: a bunch of really disreputable allegations that Trump is a juvenile in a suit.
  3. The Mueller Investigation into obstruction of justice along with Russiagate.
  4. The Compleat Fake Impeachment saga, complete with actual completely one-sided impeachment testimonies.
  5. The Coronavirus outbreak. And yes, we must count this as a Democrat-inspired attack, and it actually may physically be just that, what with the ever-changing, never-consistent set of “vital instructions” about how to deal with this pandemic.
  6. and now, the rioting across the United States, thinly disguised as demonstrations to uphold racial justice, but in reality the Far Left’s direct and radical attempt to topple Trump and push the United States into the very darkest period of her history.

This effort is overwhelming. Several of my own newspieces being deliberately attacked and removed from Facebook because they were true calls to action among the Trump supporters in the United States.

Conservative Christians in the United States have taken hit after hit – after hit. When the virus restrictions were maximized, many states prescribed that churches were dangerous, though marijuana shops should absolutely stay open; gatherings of people in prayer were forbidden, and arrest-worthy by police across many jurisdictions, but even as the crisis began to abate, one thousand doctors declared that white supremacy was so much more deadly than COVID-19 that demonstrating (and a silent assent to violent rioting and attacks against people) was actually allowed, while going to a Trump rally was a health hazard.

It must have been the lack of violence at the Trump rally that was going to get people sick.

We could go on, but for brevity, we won’t. Follow the embedded links throughout this piece and you will catch up on any information you do not already know.

The situation in the United States has never been this bad, and in many ways, even the First Civil War was not at the level of depravity that the nation has sunk to now. The first Civil War was about states’s rights particularly in regard to slavery.

This Civil War is about whether or not the traditional basis of the United States is going to be allowed to stand.

The Russian Federation sees what is going on in the US as Black Lives Matter and other far left radical groups campaign, riot and destroy in the name of emancipation from the burden of traditional Christian society. The drug users are having their moment in the sun, where they are making decisions such as that it is better to take over six city blocks of a major US city, drive the police out and set a warlord in charge.

The strategy of the Blues (the radical left, with our nomenclature from our previous installment) is tried and true: divide and conquer, subjugate by making your opposition isolated from one another and confused.

This happened Friday, June 25th on Facebook. A major group on the site, comprising over 800,000 extremely enthusiastic Trump supporters, was suddenly deleted with no warning, no notification of any kind from Facebook. It was just gone.

Screenshot showing that the “Trump Train 2020…” group was deleted abruptly by Facebook in their latest display of anti-conservative censorship

It is worth noting that the group was deleted within hours of my own posting several of my pieces, one that was the first part of this series and another that shows the Russian Orthodox Christian response to Black Lives Matter. These news stories were both getting major traction in the group and when Facebook removed the group, the stories were scattered. They are still there on Facebook, but in small groups that have not made connections with one another.

This is for real. The battle has not involved armies yet, and there is reason to believe it might not do that at all. But the Blues are attempting to pull everything down, and they have scored great successes especially in the last six weeks or so.

Tucker Carlson has an excellent but frightful analysis of this situation. As one of the few media personalities with great reach, it is important to rally around his words. He tells the truth here. This is the worst crisis to hit the United States since it was founded. A second warning: This video is visceral and parents would do well to not let their children watch it without them seeing it first so they can talk their kids through it.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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June 28, 2020

The first Civil War was about states’s rights particularly in regard to slavery tariffs.

Fixed it for you.

June 28, 2020

First, I am not a socialist nor leftist. However I am not a right wing either. I don’t play the game at all, meaning I have never voted. Why? Because they all lie & anyone who contemplates to rule over anyone should, by that alone, be disqualified. The manner in which Trump openly speaks of his daughter (as a “hot babe”? What father speaks like that to a reporter about his own daughter?) suggests a creepy, incestuous dynamic. Why are his many other actions lauded, but this? Glossed over as if it were nothing. Anything else he may have done… Read more »

Jane doe
Jane doe
Reply to  kender
June 28, 2020

You are so full of it. Spoken like a dumbed down libtard. Dont lie you are one. The stupidity fits. He was not in Epstein book and you are an idiot. You democrats shouldn’t be allowed to breed. Turn off cnn maybe you will recover some brain cells although i doubt it

Last edited 2 years ago by Jane doe
June 29, 2020

The Faggot-In-Chief in the White House will lose in November to a geriatric senile empty suit, who will probably then be duly replaced by whatever demented black harridan becomes Vice President. He doesn’t deserve to win. He is often misrepresented as a maverick, but is the archetypal insider who has been swimming in The Swamp for decades. He has broken every policy commitment he made to get elected. Build The Wall, Drain The Swamp, Jail Crooked Hilary, Bring The Troops Home, Rebuild The Infrastructure. All casually tossed into the trash can the instant he was elected. His only achievements are… Read more »

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