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Tucker Carlson calls out Soros election meddling. Twitter censors Tucker

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Twitter Labels Tucker Carlson’s Expose On George Soros As ‘Sensitive Content’

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Hawaii guy
Hawaii guy
September 23, 2020

If Barr were doing his job he’d arrest Soros for sedition, but he’ll just watch it happen and probably be on Soros yacht, which he’ll buy with the money he makes on destroying America’s currency. My guess is he is going to punch extremely hard between now and election day as the markets are trying to not get crushed by the debt ceiling. His minions will kick and burn every last support at which point Soros will forget there names and move onto the next country.

Paul Martin
Paul Martin
September 23, 2020

The timing of Tucker’s comments are interesting — are they a kind of rebuttal in light of suggestions that Fox has been in Soros’ pocket for a long time? Democrats have been adept at maintaining opposing views at the same time (cleverly running contradictions and hypocrisy are their mainstay after all), and having pro-Christian as well as anti-religious sentiments serve to keep their constituency “inclusive” you might say.  But Fox News has also played this way: since the current liberal trend of our time is anti-Trump, to keep their viewership head count high they’ve made sure they have a… Read more »

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Reply to  Paul Martin
September 24, 2020

Rockefeller, Soros & Rathschild will in the very near future be sharing that “special place” together! They deserve each other.

September 24, 2020

I friend of mine sent me a link to the Newt interview saying “SEE WHAT HAPPENS when you talk about George Soros??!!” I watched it and my interpretation was very different. I couldn’t help but feel what I was watching was a pantomime of someone being silenced, rather than any REAL attempt to censor. It looked to me like they were making a piece of very public theatre of the “act” of “silencing” him, that the message wasn’t a meaningful attempt to negate what he had said, but a stage play saying “look, look, look at us telling Gingrich he… Read more »

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