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Trump: “The Future Belongs to Patriots- Not to Globalists”

Submitted by Matthew Ehret:

Amidst the media headlines exclaiming that we are living through “the scandal of the century” over President Trump’s alleged intention to get to the bottom of Joe Biden’s illegal activities in the Ukrainian natural gas sector an impeachment probe has been unveiled by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and led by the same growling pack of deep state hacks like Adam Schiff who failed at their previous attempts to prove that their last “scandal of the century” when Robert Mueller’s Russia probe turned into a goose egg.

Donald Trump went on the counter-offensive during the recent UN Climate Summit naming the real factors at play in this manufactured joke of a scandal. At this venue, Trump laid all the cards on the table by pointing out that “the future belongs to patriots, not globalists.” This powerful intervention broke the narrative that the UN Climate summit or the attempts to impeach him had anything to do with “saving the environment” or “stopping corruption in politics” as those running these operations would have us believe. The reality, as Trump eloquently made clear at this venue, is that the issue now, as it has always been, is truly about the nature of the world order- and whether that order shall be run by sociopathic technocrats under a one world government, or patriots under a community of sovereign nation states.

Whether you are for, or against President Trump, words are no less true and it is very much worth taking the two minutes out of your day to listen to these words for yourself.

BIO: Matthew J.L. Ehret is a journalist, lecturer and founder of the Canadian Patriot Review and the Rising Tide Foundation. He has published the report “The Time has Come for Canada to Join the New Silk Road” and three volumes of the Untold History of Canada (available on He can be reached at

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October 4, 2019

That’s about the only truth that ever came out of the dump’s sewer hole.

Trump is pro Globalism
Trump is pro Globalism
October 4, 2019

This speech is only meant for Trump’s nationalist base. But it’s just words of wind.
Those who take pity on him will go out and vote; and then Orange Man will completely torpedo his pledges and unleash the dogs of war.
All of these image games are just a simulation. We live in the Matrix.

Ray Joseph Cormier
October 4, 2019

“The Future belongs to Patriots, not Globalists.” Looking at the facts on the ground, American Law declared Afghani Patriots “illegal combatants” if they resisted the US invasion as they resisted all foreign invaders before the US. It’s only because of the American delusion believing they’re exceptional, and the PRIDE of Power, they’re still at War in Afghanistan after 18 years, and losing the War against a poor, 3rd World but fiercely Patriotic Nation. That’s Divine Justice for you! Looking at the facts on the ground, the US has over 800 Military installations all over this earth, more than any other… Read more »

Reply to  Ray Joseph Cormier
October 4, 2019

Absolutely right Ray! He even has the audacity to spruik about sovereignty! I nearly gagged at that point! The only good thing this man is doing is destroying faith and trust in the USD. This will eventually break the hold these exceptionalists have on the rest of the world. That will be a good move towards a fairer multi polar world.

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