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Trump is still Trump when it comes to anti-mainstream media Tweets

Trump is still Trump when it comes to anti-mainstream media Tweets

Donald Trump has largely abandoned his campaign promises on foreign policy; promises which he maintained throughout his early months in the White House.

He has also become even more strident in his threats towards Julian Assange than Barack Obama was.

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But one thing has not changed. Trump’s attitude towards the mainstream media seems to be as negative as ever and likewise the brief honeymoon some MSM pundits had with Trump when he attacked Syria, seems to be largely over.

Recent polls has shown that President Trump’s approval rating after 100 days in office is at an historic low. Trump has taken to Twitter to set the record straight from his side of story.

It’s something of a blast from the past for those who remember when Trump would take to Twitter to defend his once sensible and pragmatic foreign policy statements.

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It seems that Trump is still Trump when it comes to lacerating his old foes in the mainstream media.

Whether or not he will remember the Donald Trump who seemed to want less involvement in the Middle East rather than perpetual war, remains to be seen.

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