#ThisIsACoup is trending all over the world. #StopBuyingGerman and #BoycottGermany picking up momentum

Social media backlash is hitting Germany in a big way.

Via Sputnik News…

There are growing calls for a boycott on German goods and services over the Greek bailout crisis, after critics said Berlin was pushing for regime change in Athens.

Thousands of people have turned to Twitter and other social media calling for German goods and services to be shunned after what critics say is an unfair ultimatum to the Greek Government, which has been ordered to push further austerity measures through parliament by Wednesday evening, or risk no further financial aid.

Use anyone of these hashtags to be heard (all of them are trending heavily just about everywhere in the world):

#ThisIsACoup #StopBuyingGerman #BoycottGermany #Supportgreece


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357 Mag
357 Mag
July 14, 2015

No German or Israeli goods for ever again!

#ThisIsACoup is trending all over the world. #StopBuyingGerman and #BoycottGermany picking up momentum

Deposit haircut still possible. Did Athens just hand the keys to its banks to the Troika?