German publication Handelsblatt’s cover of Tsipras ‘with gun to head’ provokes strong Greek response on twitter

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani during an interview with NBC — part of a charm offensive ahead of his visit to the U.N. General Assembl

The wonderful European Union…

Via Zerohedge…

When a message needs to be sent by the powers that be, the German press can always be relied upon to send it, no matter how divisive (as they did here, here, and here). So it is no surprise that with the stakes appearing to have never been higher, Handelsblatt unleashes the following…

Translated: “Give Me The Money Or I’ll Shoot”


The Greeks responded to Handelsblatt, reminding Germany of some past discretions…

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357 Mag
357 Mag
July 3, 2015

The gun should be put to the evey Troika’s head, just saying…

Geschlossenes Konto
Geschlossenes Konto
July 4, 2015

Legendary German arrogance, you should not to give them too much power or the History is going to repeat once again.

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